Obama, Hillary both adopt Southern accents while in Selma, AL this past weekend

Allah has audio of Hillary’s new accent and video of Obama’s from their pandering campaign stops this past weekend in Selma to commemorate Bloody Sunday, but even more curious than their newfound accents is the timeline Allah points out for some of the claims Obama made in his speech. Hmmm. Hear/read/watch here.

Oh, and the other Clinton and Obama looked quite chummy yesterday:

Caption: US Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (L) smiles at the crowd with former US president Bill Clinton in Selma, Alabama, 04 March 2007, at a ceremony where Clinton was inducted into the Voting Right Museum Hall of Fame. Obama spoke earlier at the historic Brown Chapel AME Church, while fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took to the pulpit of another church.
(AFP/File/Robert Sullivan)

Now that’s an historic photo, eh? The first black president poses with the guy who really could be the first black president …

Here’s another one where they are all three in the same photo:

Caption: Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL.) (L) looks over at fellow U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY) (2nd R) and her husband former U.S. President Bill Clinton (R) during a march commemorating the 1965 Selma-Montgomery Voting Rights March in Selma, Alabama, March 4, 2007.

In related news, Carol Platt Liebau has an interesting piece about Senator Obama posted at Townhall.com, in which she talks about why some people view Obama as solid presidential material. She knew Obama when they were both at Harvard Law School and provides some interesting perspective on the man who may be president. (Hat tip: Lorie Byrd)

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