Anti-war “art” – UK style

Posted by: ST on June 6, 2007 at 7:20 pm

Because anti-war ‘art’ isn’t just for the US:

LONDON (AP) – An artist’s triptych of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, naked, stony-faced and surrounded by haunting images of the war in Iraq, is one of the arresting sights at a major London art exhibition.

Michael Sandle, whose “Iraq Triptych” was unveiled Wednesday at the Royal Academy of Art’s annual Summer Exhibition, depicts a morose Blair and his horrified wife, Cherie, as Adam and Eve, struggling to cover their nude forms outside their Downing Street home.

Sandle’s black-and-white drawing, in charcoal and chalk, includes panels showing a soldier beating hooded and naked prisoners and a pile of corpses, one with tape covering its mouth.

“This is a biblical allegory—Adam and Eve expelled from paradise—and this is Blair’s legacy,” Sandle said, calling the Iraq war “disgraceful.”

A quote from Sandle and more on the ‘artwork’:

The charcoal drawing was modelled by the artist, who is 71 and has sculpted many public commissions, on medieval paintings of Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden in disgrace. The embarrassed central characters outside No 10 are flanked by one panel representing brutality by British troops in Iraq and another showing a pile of Iraqi corpses under an Hieronymus Bosch-like rain of body parts.

The brutality panel is based on the case of Corporal Donald Payne, who admitted inhuman treatment of Iraqi civilians at a court martial last year in which other soldiers in his unit were cleared amid controversy. Sandle has called the panel “Corporal Payne’s Chorus” because the soldier invited others to hear what he called his “choir” of victims screaming.

“I wasn’t going to submit this year, but I suddenly felt overcome with anger at the way Blair has messed up,” said Sandle, who originally thought he had missed the submission deadline.

He worked non-stop, including fixing up the framing required for all entries, after staff reminded him of the 10 days of grace allowed to academicians entering work. “There he was, elected by a huge majority, and he has allowed his vanity to destroy it all,” added Sandle. “He doesn’t appear to feel a twinge of conscience about Iraq because he is so sure that he did the right thing.

“They have talked about the original perpetrators of violence being the ones who should apologise, but what about the 650,000 Iraqis who have died since the invasion? Who is going to apologise to them, and how?”

Sounds like an older, male equivalent of Rosie O’Donnell.

Here’s a photo of the ‘artwork,’ which won Britain’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition’s Hugh Casson prize and is the centerpiece” to this year’s exhibition.


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13 Responses to “Anti-war “art” – UK style”


  1. NC Cop says:

    That’s a shame. Perhaps this artist, who is SO concerned about the innocent Iraqis, could have drawn hundreds of thousands of tortured, raped, and murdered Iraqis under Saddam Hussein. Then he could have added the hundreds of thousands that died as a result of sanctions leveled against Iraq for years.

    Yet he states that Blair messed things up.

    What a moron.

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:


    In Vermont, nascent secession movement gains traction.

    Great. Just what this nation needs – a group of armchair Nazis dreaming of another genocidal Peoples’ Republic hellhole. Didn’t the USSR, Cuba, and Planned Parenthood do enough damage?

    On the other hand .. Vermont did inflict maniacs like Pat Leahy, Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean on the nation. Maybe, if the movement falters, we chickenhawk neocon rightwingers can form a “Boot Vermont” organization.

  3. Great White Rat says:

    I’m all for letting Vermont go. But only if they promise to take Massachusetts with them. **==

  4. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    GWR – perhaps part of the money set aside for the US-Mexican border fence can be used instead to wall-off Vermont and Massachusetts.

    By all means install a wide gate. But it should be a one-way gate – meaning that if you enter the Islamic Peoples’ Republic of New England (my proposed name for the new workers’ “paradise”) you cannot come out. If the Far left is correct, no one will want to leave the IPRNE anyway.

  5. Hey ya’ll- don’t forget, Tuesday’s open thread is available ;)

    NC: Isn’t it odd how the far left generally views the people who try to eradicate global threats in a harsher light than they do the terrorist thugs who want to kill them? Obviously the ‘arts’ community is no different. Interesting …

  6. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    More off-topic news:

    The attorney general of Nebraska, Jon Bruning, will challenge Sen. Chuck Hagel (R turned D).

    Key quote:

    A poll conducted for Mr. Bruning shows him leading Mr. Hagel among likely Republican primary voters by 9 percentage points. Mr. Bruning assails Mr, Hagel for being, “The Republican that talks like a Democrat,” pointing to Mr. Hagel’s support for a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq, as well as his discussion of impeaching President Bush. “He’s become arrogant and out of touch,” Mr. Bruning said. “His constituent services are very poor.”

    Here is hoping that both Chuck and Truther Ron Paul get the boot next year.

  7. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Oops – sorry ST. My bad. :"> :">

  8. NC Cop says:

    Exactly S.T. Can you imagine how the world might be different if all of these people around the world stood up to real terrorists and thugs? The bad guys might actually think that there will be consequences to their actions. Apparently that’s only for the U.S.

  9. MD: I’ll forgive ya this time, but next time I’ll show no mercy >:) :))

    BTW, I’m a little (ok – a lot) late in starting today’s open thread, so without further ado here it is.

  10. Drewsmom says:

    I can only hope. God forbid, if they do attack us again, that the first things they destroy are our art galleries where the far left loons display art work such as some of the religious symbols they have desicrated (sp) in the past.

  11. John Galt says:

    Ummm… just in case anyone’s unclear: this piece of crap is NOT art.

  12. PCD says:

    Hi, John, How’s the Insurgent Detergent today?

  13. PCD says:

    MD, how about shipping Hollyweird to Vermont, too?