Hillary and impeached Democrats go hand in hand

We all know about her husband’s impeachment, but did you know that La Clinton has named impeached former judge turned Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) as a co-chair for her presidential campaign?

Jason Smith writes in response:

I guess it’s only fitting that someone who’s been impeached would head up a Clinton campaign.

Here’s a little history on Hastings’ 1988 impeachment and the players involved.

8 thoughts on “Hillary and impeached Democrats go hand in hand

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  3. And this suprises anyone how????

    I figure this to be a tactical move to shore up her fading strength among blacks and undercut some of Obama’s support. If she gets the nomination, she will suddenly discover there’s a problem with Hastings and throw him under the bus.


  5. These people have moved so far out into space that they actually believe surrounding themselves with those with proven corruptibility IS (there’s that word again!) REQUIRED and some sort of lefty mentality *street cred*, so to speak.

    Hastings last words will be something like- “Muffler bearings- Check”.

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