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Update: Ok, here are the links:

—– Did you hear about the man in Texas who was killed by between 2 and 20 people in a crowd after the guy he was riding with hit and injured a young boy with his car? This is just awful.

—– John Edwards is taking heat from Venezuela natives living in America over his alliance with pro-Hugo Chavez Hollywood nut Danny Glover. Noticeably absent from criticizing Edwards: Other Democrats.

—– Make sure to read the latest from Michael Yon: Operation Arrowhead Ripper: Day One.

—– Ralph Nadar tells Roger Simon in today’s Politico that may run for president in 2008 (yawn), but also mentioned in the interview was something interesting: He called Senator Hillary Clinton a coward. Read why here.

—– Following the story about journalists contributing to Democrats more than Republicans by a ratio of 9-1 comes this list of who has donated to what campaigns. I’m seeing an awful lot of “D”s on that page …

—– Read related thoughts on journalists and political contributions via Paul Mirengoff at Power Line.

—– Senator Carl Levin has a piece in today’s WaPo invoking President Lincoln in the debate on the Iraq war. Gateway Pundit has a blistering response to the Michigan Democrat.

—– Has John McCain been attacking Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion a la a Senator Brownback campaign staffer? And speaking of Romney, he is calling for a ‘new course’ in the war on terror. Here’s an overview (Powerpoint presentation here), with the specs to be detailed in a speech tonight to AEI’s Global Forum.

—– Lots of good posts over at Jules Crittenden’s blog. Just keep scrolling.

—– On the local front, my fellow Charlottean and friend Bruce at Gay Patriot points out something peculiar about NC State Rep. Larry Womble (D-Forsyth Co.) whose $14,000 a year salary hasn’t kept him from buying a $200,000 Ferrari. Makes ya wonder. One of Bruce’s commenters quipped about Womble: “Time to check his freezer.” Heh.

—– Good news: Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was telling you about ST reader Karl’s son’s ankle injury he was suffering with two weeks before his Navy bootcamp physical? To update: In spite of the ankle injry (and a calf and finger injury) he passed. Way to go!

—– I’d say Contintental Airlines owes more than an apology to passengers on a 2 day trans-Atlantic flight who had to deal with …. sewage overflow in the aisles. :-&

—– Happy 25th birthday, Prince William, you cutie you :) Hard to believe he is 25! Makes me feel old, as I remember as a teenager staying up all night to watch Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married. Time FLIES!

—– Here’s the text of Tony Blair’s June 12th speech at Reuter’s London office where he blasted the “feral beasts” in the media for focusing too much on “impact.” He has, BTW, chaired his last cabinet meeting as Prime Minister.

—– Senator Barack Obama’s position on Iraq: Principled from the start, or pandering like the rest?

—– The hits just keep on coming: Embattled SF Mayor Gavin Newsom is being hit by allegations that he’s a cocaine user. He’s denying it, but even if it were true, it would not likely phase the opinions of SF’s overwhelmingly gay population, who would love him no matter what primarily because of his tyrannical-like stance on gay marriage.

—- ST reader Sev sends along this link to a stinging article on Jimmy Carter. The author of the piece, Michael D. Evans, calls Carter the “father of the Iranian revolution.”

—– The WH is nearing a decision to close down Gitmo. Stay tuned …

—- Last but not least: Terrorists aren’t the only ones who need to fear the Marines;)

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