VIDEO: 1959 – Women in the workforce (MORE: “CRUSH ON FRED’S POLITICS” DEBUTS!)

To balance out the previous post with a bit of humor, I wanted to post the following 1959 training video on women in the workforce, and the problems some men had with it back then:

DollyMix describes it:

Here’s a nifty little blast from the past. Take a journey with Brad as he describes the downfalls of having too many women in his department. Those darn women’s always make a fuss, and keep runnin’ off to get married! “In a matter of days, her workbench looked more like her dressing table!”

It’s unintentionally funny, and also shows us how far we (not just women, but men to) have come along since those days. ;;)

Thanks to ST reader Lorica for sending along the link to the story, which I couldn’t direct-link to because Earthlink generated its own link for the original one.

Update: Staying on a lighter note, check out the “I’ve Got a Crush on Fred Thompson’s Politics” vid (via Don Surber):

Much better than the “Obama crush” video, IMO …

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