Obama hero worship (MORE: MIKE GRAVEL’s “GRAVEL GIRL”)

We all know the media’s guilty of it, and now we see just how far some supporters will go in order to show how much they dig Senator Obama.

Would it be too simplistic to simply say “Ick!” in response?

PM Update: The nutty Mike Gravel campaign has an official ‘spokeschick video of their own.

Remember, though, there’s no campaign girl quite like the Breck Girl.


8 thoughts on “Obama hero worship (MORE: MIKE GRAVEL’s “GRAVEL GIRL”)

  1. If this is about the love song that someone posted on You Tube, I will see your “ick” and raise you a “wretch”. This is just a little to close to Monica’s “Bill” fantasies. Some people are just strange. – Lorica

  2. Newsbusters has some of the lo-down on this Obama Girl video. Apparently it is a professional video. What a bunch of pathetic pukes. – Lorica


  3. Hmmm…Gravel must be too young to remember this, or he’d have chosen another moniker for his spokesbabe: In the old Al Capp cartoon, “L’il Abner,” a character named “Gravel Gertie” was married to “B. O. Plenty.” They lived in “Dogpatch.” Their daughter was “Sparkle Plenty.” (Yep, the “B.O” was meant to insinuate “Body Odor.”)

    Wanna rethink the spokesbabe’s name, Mike?

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