In case you didn’t watch the CNN/You Tube Democrat debate tonight …

… and I didn’t either, John Hawkins liveblogged it, as did Ann Althouse.

Here are Ken Shepard’s post-debate observations:

  • There were no questions on stem cells, abortion, the Supreme Court/judicial appointments, or illegal immigration (aside from the health care coverage question). Nothing on border enforcement or the global war on terrorism.
  • Both “gotcha” questions featuring the questioners live in the auditorium for follow up questions were from the far left and directed mainly at Edwards and Obama. No such questions for Hillary Clinton.
  • Cooper did press candidates on some questions where they fudged the answers, but on others (women being compelled to register for selective service), he did not.
  • No question was raised about Hillary Clinton’s strong defense of the war in Iraq in 2003.
  • No questions were posed about the hypocrisy or incongruence of urging troop deployment to Darfur in light of the anti-war stance in Iraq.
  • No mention was made of radical Islamists being at the heart of genocide in Darfur, which is largely directed at the Christian minority.
  • No questions were rendered about the threat of radical Islam

But plenty of commentary on the threat from the radical GWB, I’m sure. Here’s the transcript in case you’re interested.

Video clip:

Looks like a pretty neat format, from what I’ve seen in clips of it. Republicans will be doing a debate like this on September 17th in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Oh, guess who made an appearance at the debate? “Obama girl” – details here.

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