Update on Chief Justice Roberts’ condition

Via Fox News:

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts suffered what doctors are describing as a “benign idiopathic seizure,” causing him to fall Monday at his summer home in Maine.

He is staying in Penobscot Bay Medical Center overnight for observation, court officials told FOX News.


A benign idiopathic seizure means the episode appears to be harmless and “of no known cause.” Steven Garner of New York Methodist Hospital said if Roberts has a previous history of seizures, Monday’s incident may be less serious than a newly-emerging problem.

“We just may have a malfunction in the circuits, the way that brain cells talk to one another,” said Garner, who did not examine Roberts. Garner said taking medication, drinking alcohol or certain periods of stress can all bring on seizures.

According to Arberg, Roberts had a similar episode in 1993. The White House described the January 1993 episode as an “isolated, idiosyncratic seizure.” In 2001, Roberts described his health as “excellent,” according to Senate Judiciary Committee records.

Larry Robbins, a Washington attorney who worked with Roberts at the Justice Department in 1993, said he drove Roberts to work for several months after the incident. Robbins said Roberts never mentioned what the problem was and he never heard of it happening again.

Garner added that the report that doctors have said they have “no cause for concern” suggests Roberts does not have a tumor, but that the cause of the seizure should be investigated. He said Roberts could need to wear a heart monitor overnight to track whether surges are being directed to his brain.

Sounds like he’s going to be fine. Welcome news for most of us, but unfortunately not for some jerks.

Update: The AP reports that Roberts has left the hospital.

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