Rehashing the 2000 elections – again

Just in time to whip up Democrats for the 2008 election season:

The 2000 presidential recount in South Florida is stirring up controversy again, this time in Hollywood.

HBO, which will air a docudrama called “Recount” during next year’s campaign season, has asked producer-director Jay Roach to direct the project. Legendary movieman Sydney Pollack was originally slated to direct, but he stepped down for personal reasons, according to Variety.

Roach’s selection is raising eyebrows because he’s known for comedic fare. He directed the entire “Austin Powers” franchise, “Meet the Fockers” and “Meet the Parents.” He was also a producer on “Borat” and executive producer on the ill-fated Showtime series “American Candidate” in 2004.

Even though Bush won fair and square, as even liberal media news outlet proved, it would appear that certain Democrats just can’t let it go. That, and the fact that they’re wanting to whip up the Democrat masses into a frenzy so much so that there is no doubt that they’ll go and vote next year to make sure the election isn’t ‘stolen again.’

Related to that, two prominent Democrats (former Congressman and now current chair of the DLC Harold Ford and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley) have a piece in today’s Washington Post which cautions confident Democrats not to overestimate their chances of winning next year. Their appeal: We [they] need to ‘capture’ the center.

Well, according to the Daily Kos, gentlemen, you already have.

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