Rep. Pete Stark “apologizes” on House floor – House fails to come up with enough votes for censure

Posted by: ST on October 23, 2007 at 4:29 pm

Disappointing and telling (the failure of the House to censure Stark, that is).

As I said yesterday, I preferred that Stark not apologize outright for his remarks – after all, he shouldn’t have to apologize for something he clearly believes, and the remarks stand as a testament to the kind of jerk he is (and other far left Democrats, who I’m sure believe similarly). Sure enough, he issued one of those non-apology apologies that Democrats are infamous for, which you can view/listen to here.

And what does it say about Democrats who spent several days blasting Rush Limbaugh for supposedly disparaging our troops when they themselves won’t even vote to censure one of their own for saying much, much worse?

Just another on a long list of their screwed up “priorities.”

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10 Responses to “Rep. Pete Stark “apologizes” on House floor – House fails to come up with enough votes for censure”


  1. abehnke says:

    The only way for him to become as insignificant as he should be, is if he were thrown out of Congress. He’s a disgrace to the US Congress, and so are the Democratic congressman who are so much entrenched in hating President Bush that they would condone Mr. Starks tirade. Kudos to the five who seem to have an ounce of integrity left in them.

  2. Don Surber says:

    I wouldn’t sweat the censure. The tide has turned. Open season on teh C-in-C has ended

  3. Banjo says:

    Stark is an atheist. That is to say, the man’s full of anger, arrogance and not a little viciousness. I would recommend not falling for his “apology.”

  4. forest hunter says:

    Did Dingy Harry’s psychotic assistant write that for him? Perhaps they should distribute this non-binding apology to the rest of the dhimmicrat insurgents and abetters in Congress and entitle this drivel “Square peg meets all around @hole” or “As the worm turns”. They can file it under the subheading – Part and parcel to refusing blame for ones own stupidity, failures and shortcomings. Obfuscation 101 must be a mandatory indoctrinization for these fools.

  5. Yeah, I also sense the tide is beginning to turn. Iraq is going much better so the libs cannot ride that horse outside their own neo-Stalinist primary crowds.

    Also, it seems like the imminence of the election is making our crowd a little more spirited.

  6. sanity says:

    The only thing missing from his rant on the floor, was him making it on foriegn soil in an arab country…..

  7. Angevin13 says:

    If the Dems won’t censure remarks on the order of what Stark said, one wonders just what they find appropriate to censure. Oh wait, that’s right, twisted and deliberately distorted remarks from Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen!

    Ditto on not sweating the censure failure. On the whole, it’s a positive – Dems were forced to ostensibly defend Stark’s comments, and the nutroots are enraged over both Stark and the Dem leadership.

  8. forest hunter says:

    The philosophical undoing of the libs can hardly be ignored any more, even by their henchmen in the DBM. The continuous failures seen now for decades in crucial matters and IMO the most critical – NATIONAL SECURITY – prove beyond the pale why they should not have any part of the decision making process. Their inability to even appear to recognize what is important for America lies in part with their foundational impotence but is shared with their vile hatred for anything America, which is likely why the constant campaigners like Shrillary are distancing themselves from the Failed Party in exchange for a Progressive title. I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny! What does the term progressive have to do with a continued failure in social, economic and national security matters? Failing is the only thing that they can say they have unequivocally succeeded at and are distancing themselves from this universe at an alarming rate.