Rep. Pete Stark “apologizes” on House floor – House fails to come up with enough votes for censure

Disappointing and telling (the failure of the House to censure Stark, that is).

As I said yesterday, I preferred that Stark not apologize outright for his remarks – after all, he shouldn’t have to apologize for something he clearly believes, and the remarks stand as a testament to the kind of jerk he is (and other far left Democrats, who I’m sure believe similarly). Sure enough, he issued one of those non-apology apologies that Democrats are infamous for, which you can view/listen to here.

And what does it say about Democrats who spent several days blasting Rush Limbaugh for supposedly disparaging our troops when they themselves won’t even vote to censure one of their own for saying much, much worse?

Just another on a long list of their screwed up “priorities.”

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