CNN’s Plantgate continues

I tell ya, the more news that comes out about the liberally biased questioners at CNN’s Republican YouTube debate, the worse they look. Malkin’s latest column addresses the number of questioners who have actually been found out to be Democrats, ‘unaffiliated’ supporters of Democrat policies, or at the very least people who have declared support for Democrat contenders.

Brian at Liberty Pundit makes a great point about the seriously foolish John Edwards’ attempt at a “gotcha” moment with his comment on Olby’s show last night about Republicans supposedly being “too afraid” to accept questions from Democrats:

And you know what the kicker is? That the Breck Girl (John Edwards) had the nerve to go on Keith Olberdork’s show last night and say that Republicans were afraid to be asked questions from Democrats. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they answered them, didn’t they? Unlike Silky and his comrades, who refuse to go on Fox, lest they be asked a serious question by a moderator. Hyprocrite, thy name is Edwards. Sit down, buy some conditioner, and shut up, pretty boy.

And let’s not forget that not only is Edwards part of the group of Democrats who have refused to go on Fox News, he was the one leading the way when it all started. The excuse was that Fox was supposedly ‘conservatively biased’ – indicating that he and other Democrats believed they’d be questioned by biased Republicans. But here we see again yet another instance of His Royal Phoniness (and other far left supporters who have made similar assertions the last couple of days) having the audacity to make a bogus complaint about Republicans allegedly not wanting to take questions from Democrats, when he and his fellow Democrats didn’t have the balls to appear on stage for Fox News-hosted debate out of fear of being asked questions by people they assume are Republicans. Now we just know that the Fox-loving KO called him on his blatant hypocrisy, right?

The whole point of having citizen questioners at Republican debates and Democrat debates is so Republican, Democrat, and undecided voters respectively can listen to what candidates from their party have to say, and question them for clarification, in order to be able to better decide who they are going to vote for in the primaries. It’s not a place for partisan audience hacks from either side of the aisle to get their digs in on their opponents. Once the two nominees have been decided, then we have the presidential debates, where people from all sides are going to be at the debates to ask questions prior to the general election. This isn’t exactly rocket science. But for clueless Democrats like John Edwards and other far left liberals who have echoed similar talking points about Republicans being “afraid” to take on Democrats, it’s all about destroying the fairness of pre-primary season debating in order to gain political traction.

Because, you see, “fairness” to them is having Democrats question Republicans at a Republican debate, and having Democrats questioning Democrats at a Democrat debate. And apparently, that’s what Clinton News Network believes, too.


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