Hillary Clinton makes Mike Huckabee look like a genius on the issue of Pakistan

On Saturday, I wrote about Republican candidate Mike Huckabee’s numerous flubs on the campaign trail, and noted that one of the most recent ones was a false assertion he made about illegal Pakistan immigrants. That wasn’t the only flub he made about Pakistan in the aftermath of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Read about the rest here.

Hillary PakistanAs you can see from that article and this Google search, the press has jumped all over Huckabee’s Pakistan gaffes. But much worse than Huckabee’s goofs about Pakistan are the ones Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton made December 30th on ABC’s This Week. Hot Air’s Bryan Preston has video, along with an extensive explanation of what all she got wrong in that clip/interview, which was conducted by George Stephanopoulos, who was Bill Clinton’s communications director when he was president. Make sure to watch/listen/read it all.

With just two days to go before Iowa, can we expect the mediots to jump on Hillary in the same way they did Mike Huckabee regarding the issue of ignorance on matters related to Pakistan? Not if both their lackluster coverage of the very major Norman Hsu scandal coupled with her infamous media control machine are any indication(s).

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