Obama’s Iowa caucus victory: A funny thing happened on the way to New Hampshire

As we head into NH, the esteemable Tom Maguire takes a look at the hilarious post-Obama Iowa victory reactions from the left, reactions that treat the liberal empty suit who has taken utilizing platitudes to an art form as if he were – you guessed it – the Messiah.

Obama’s been winging it on “good” speeches since his 2004 Democrat National Convention keynote address. It’s no surprise that he inspired and picked up such a good chunk of the young Democratic vote in Iowa. As we’ve seen all too often, young people, specifically young liberals, are susceptible to falling for the candidate who is tall on style, and short on substance. Case in point.

As with everything else related to liberalism, it’s more about looking and feeling good about something or someone, rather than digging deeper to examine that person or issue’s complexities – or lack thereof. Obama’s lack of experience and possession of a solidly liberal record is going to get heavily scrutinized in the days, weeks, and months to come, especially if he makes it beyond the primaries. I think Rudy or Fred would be a good general election opponent against Obama because, considering how the media will/would be falling all over Obama like a lovesick puppy, a “new and improved” McCain or Romney would be too busy trying to paint himself as the Republican version of Obama rather than trying to distinguish themselves and emphasize their differences with Obama, tout their accomplishments, and discuss their ideas. I think Fred and Rudy, on the other hand, have shown, that they have no problems differentiating themselves from the pack.

Even the Clinton campaign is trying to play the “too liberal” card on Obama. Pot, kettle …

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