Daily Kos: Let’s sabotage the Republican primary in Michigan

If nothing else shows you the depth of the far left’s depravity this campaign season, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to win the election, this is it (h/t: Dan Riehl).

Just when you think they couldn’t possibly stoop any lower.

Oh, and before I get jumped by The Usual Suspects, I condemn this kind of bullsh– no matter what party is doing it. This is sabatoging the democratic process by voting for someone you have no intention of supporting in the general election, in order to advance “your guy” – or gal.

Then again, playing games during a time of war – especially in an election year – has become a Democrat party speciality, so I’m not surprised the far left, led by Kos, is embracing this idea. The use of this tactic suggests that Democrats must not be as confident as they want people to think they are about their top tier candidates going into primary season.

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