Reason number 2,578 why Barack Obama shouldn’t be president

According to Robert Novak, rumors are swirling that the O-man would make His Royal Phoniness his administration’s Attorney General:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Illinois Democrats close to Sen. Barack Obama are quietly passing the word that John Edwards will be named attorney general in an Obama administration.

Installation at the Justice Department of multimillionaire trial lawyer Edwards would please not only the union leaders supporting him for president but organized labor in general. The unions relish the prospect of an unequivocal labor partisan as the nation’s top legal officer.

In public debates, Obama and Edwards often seem to bond together in alliance against front-running Sen. Hillary Clinton. While running a poor third, Edwards could collect a substantial bag of delegates under the Democratic Party’s proportional representation. Edwards then could try to turn his delegates over to Obama in the still unlikely event of a deadlocked Democratic National Convention.

‘twould be a smooth move, should Obama be able to pull it off. But disastrous for our country.

Speaking of clueless Democrats here’s another one: In the following 23 second video debating the FISA bill and telecom immunity, former presidential candidate Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) compares the telecoms to the defendants at the Nuremberg trials and GWB to Hitler:

Don Surber responds:

Wonder how his fellow Connecticut senator’s wife feels about Dodd’s rhetoric; her parents survived the Holocaust. Somehow turning over telephone records does not equate to the systematic murder of 12 million people.

Connecticut’s other liberal Senator, Joe Lieberman, is Jewish. I’d be interested to hear/read his take on Dodd’s ignorant remarks.

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