Help Cindy Sheehan run against Nancy Pelosi

Posted by: ST on April 26, 2008 at 11:02 am

Last August, I blogged about former Nutroots darling Cindy Sheehan’s announcement that she was going to run as an “independent candidate” against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because of her refusal to impeach President Bush for “war crimes.” On Friday, she was at City Hall in SF filing the papers necessary to run:

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan wants to snatch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat from her in November, but first she’s going to need the help – and signatures – of 10,198 friends and supporters.

Sheehan was at San Francisco City Hall on Friday to take out papers for her independent run for Congress, but without those signatures from voters in the district, her name won’t show up on the ballot.

“It’s an uphill battle,” said Sheehan, who vowed to run against Pelosi in July after the speaker refused to start impeachment proceedings against President George Bush. “But I’m excited about the signature-gathering process. It’s going to be an opportunity to talk to people about our campaign.”

The 50-year-old Sheehan, whose son, Casey, was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004, became the public face of the anti-war movement when she mounted a demonstration outside Bush’s Texas ranch that lasted from 2005 to 2007.

Even after pleading exhaustion and closing down “Camp Casey” in May, Sheehan was a regular speaker at anti-war gatherings across the nation. Since moving from Dixon to San Francisco’s Mission District, she’s been campaigning virtually full time.

To get the signatures, equal to 3 percent of the district voters registered for the 2006 general election, the campaign will have people setting up ironing boards and card tables on street corners throughout the city, seeking voters who want an alternative to Pelosi. Sheehan has until Aug. 8 to collect the needed signatures.

If you live in Nancy Pelosi’s district (the 8th, which covers most of SF) and want to see Cindy Sheehan on the ballot against Pelosi in November? In the unlikely event you can’t find any of those ironing board and card table street corners to sign your name on the petition, you can go to her campaign HQ, which is located on 1260 Mission Street in SF, or call them at 415-621-5027 to find out where the closest ironing board/card table street corner petition signing event is to your residence.

Pals no more.

Even if she does get on the ballot, she won’t win, as La Pelosi has an enormous following in SF. However, it wouldn’t hurt to give her a little competition, and even though Sheehan seems to be on the outs with the national party, in California she can still draw a crowd, even if it is a small one.

Cindy for Congress
Make it happen!

Wonder if she’ll get any financial assistance from her buddy Hugo? Will she receive the coveted endorsements of Joe Wilson and Rev. Al Sharpton?

Stay tuned …

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  • 12 Responses to “Help Cindy Sheehan run against Nancy Pelosi”


    1. NC Cop says:

      even though Sheehan seems to be on the outs with the national party

      As well as being on the outs with common sense, reason, and reality.

    2. Lorica says:

      You Can Do It Cindy!! Sheila Jackson Lee will need some moonbat company in Congress. You have to suceed. – Lorica

    3. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      I hate to throw cold water on any project that sticks Comrade Pelosi in the kazoo, but it will never work. The MSM who boosted her to fame and fortune will now destroy her. For the MSM, one-party fascism (meaning the Democrat Party) is their goal, and no Distractions will get in the way. Not even their former political centerfold Mother Sheehan.

      Here is how I suspect that it will happen. No matter how many signatures Mother Sheehan collects, a Democrat judge or bureaucrat will toss enough of them out to keep her off the ballot. Should the faux “peace mom” then try a write-in campaign, the MSM will then crank up its mud machine against her in order to discourage people from voting from her. Even the Nutroots will try to squash her politically.

      There is irony in this. To Mother Sheehan the Democrat Party is everything. But to the MSM and their Democrat pets, she is nothing.

    4. Kate says:

      She’s only 50? Dang! I really thought she was a LOT older than that. :-?

    5. forest hunter says:

      Kate: That’s 50…… dog years. 3:-o

    6. Steve Skubinna says:

      MD is spot on. Anyone could have predicted that Sheehan would be dumped once she outlived her usefulness to the left and the media (but I repeat myself). In fact, I predicted it, which means that anyone could.

      She won’t get the admiring, nonstop adulatory coverage she had when she was squatting in a ditch in Crawford shrieking for GWB to be tried for war crimes. Now that she’s sending friendly fire into their own positions, she’s toxic. Watch for coverage of her to be held at a distance, with a faint but distinct whiff of mental instability waved by her erstwhile friends. “More in sorrow than in anger” sort of thing.

    7. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

      Is CCCP Cindy a ‘Cafeteria Catholic’ like our Skreecher of the House – Nutsy Pelosi is? Nancy, along with fellow Roman Cadillacs Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, are pro-50 million abortion advocates and pro-same sex marriage and “If it feels good do it but keep it in the barn…” while receiving the Holy Eucharist at Mass every Christmas and Easter? Don’t worry Comrade Cindy, God has authorized eternal guard duty for your US Marine son at Heaven’s Pearly Gate!
      FREEDOM ISN’T FREE!! John 15:13 and John 3:16 …

    8. Severian says:

      Well, Pelosi and the lot want to be Americans while actively supporting every un-American, pro-Marxist policy imaginable, the fact they want to claim to be Catholic while supporting abortion and the like should hardly come as a surprise. At least they’re consistent.

    9. O Bloody Hell says:

      > As well as being on the outs with common sense, reason, and reality.

      I think that was a line she crossed many, many years ago… probably long before her son passed from this Earth… Of course, Nancy Pelosi’s in that crowd along with Dean and anyone voting for Mr. O’Bama or Hillary, too… LOL.