Obama goes off on Rev. Wright

Posted by: ST on April 29, 2008 at 2:32 pm

Now this is more like it.

I’m busy this afternoon, but will have more commentary on this later.

Update – 7:17 PM: I just got done watching both his opening statement and the answers he gave earlier today to the press about Rev. Wright’s speech to the NPC yesterday. I don’t want to overanalyze it, as most of what I’d write I’ve already said before, but it’s clear that Barack Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright has changed – and what has caused it has been the national outcry over not just the sermon clips the news media repeatedly aired a few weeks ago, but the renewed interest in the story thanks to Rev. Wright’s “Look at Me 2008” tour, where clearly Wright’s concern has not been about Barack Obama, but instead about how much free publicity he can get from the press.

In Obama’s statement and Q&A session, his biggest issue was the fact that the Rev. was hurting his campaign. That’s understandable, considering Wright has for all intents thrown Obama under the bus by continuing to stir the pot. Reading between the lines of what Obama said today, I got the impression that his deepest regret was that he couldn’t convince the Rev. to keep a low profile from now until the election. He even went so far as to assert that the man we heard yesterday at the NPC is not the man he met 20 years ago.

Horsecrap. This is about as believable as him stating when the sermon clips started getting widespread attention that he wasn’t in church on the days the controversial sermons were made. Obama also told the press today that one thing Wright was correct about was that he was never Obama’s spiritual mentor. WTH? Obama has highly praised Wright on more than one occasion (primarily before he became the front runner), and wrote a book and a popular speech which he pointed out more than once were inspired by his pastor. For him to try and claim now that Wright’s and his relationship wasn’t particularly close after all that is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has paid attention to Obama in this race and who cares about a candidate’s trustworthiness and honesty.

It also sounds similar to the stunt he tried to pull at the much-discussed ABC News debate, where he tried to boil down his association with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers as insignificant, asserting that Ayers was just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” And someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t what he said today about the black church and how it’s not being represented by radicals like Rev. Wright a direct contradiction to what he said in his Philly speech? I’ll have to go back and read the transcript.

I could go on and on, but someday someone out there is going to compile a list – in book form – of all the contradictory statements Obama has made about his relationship with Rev. Wright.

The bottom line is that Obama thought his big speech on race in Philadelphia over a month ago was going to be the end of him having to answer for Rev. Wright, and he figured that the mediots – who had shielded him as much as they credibly could prior to that, would move on. They gladly would have, had it not been for the self-centered Rev. Wright’s latest round of “fiery” speeches and interviews, where he paints Obama as a politican who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and continues to portray this great nation as full of nothing but white oppressors. Naturally, that is going make headlines.

Obama sounded upset today in his presser. He should have been, but more so with himself than Wright. Had he as forcefully denounced Rev Wright when this story first broke weeks ago as he did today, then maybe he wouldn’t be in the position he’s found himself in again as it relates to his “former” pastor. He couldn’t find a way to put a positive spin on Rev. Wright’s latest hateful remarks like he did the last time, couldn’t convince the Rev. to keep it on the down low at least until the election was over, so he was left with no choice but to come out swinging the second time around.

Obama made his own bed over Rev. Wright, and now he has to lay in it – or, as Steve Sailor pointedly notes, lie in it.

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21 Responses to “Obama goes off on Rev. Wright”


  1. Baklava says:

    After further review… (of the polling data)

    I call unsportsman like conduct on behalf of Jeremiah Wright.

    Any further incidents will be an immediate ejection from the game… :-\

  2. Lorica says:

    What BO said is more wrong than he knows. WHY sit under the authority of this man if you now have no idea of how hateful he is??? You, Barak, claimed this man as a mentor, and you never, ever noticed this before?? BULL!!! Now that it isn’t just Black folk in Chicago voting for him, he suddenly decides what Wright has been saying is wrong?? WHere the hell were you the past 10 years or so Barak?? Barak just how stupid do you think the American people are?? Barak, you are just another political hack, and that is all you ever will be. Put a fork in him, this guy is done. – Lorica

  3. And it only took him 20 years to realize this? Yeah, right. :-w

  4. steveegg says:

    Speaking of polling data (or at least push polls), it seems that the Clinton campaign is dipping into that particular bag of tricks, at least if I’m reading Jon Ham’s account right.

  5. Tango says:

    Doesn’t quite pass the smell test, does it? /:)

  6. sanity says:

    Jeremiah Wright stated:

    …. He did, as I said, what politicians do.”

  7. Tom TB says:

    Obama flew up in a hot air baloon; now he has to throw the ballast off to stay airborne.

  8. NC Cop says:

    If only Obama was as quick to kick Iran and Syria to the curb as he is his 20 year “mentor”.


  9. Carl says:

    Incidentally when you have a chance, read Greta Van Susteren’s succinct blog entry on this over at:


  10. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Interesting article by Dean Barnett over at The Weekly Standard.

    It made me wonder – has He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Mentioned waited too long to disavow the Reverend? Wright is pretty popular among the al Qaeda wing of the Democrat Party – maybe more than the Messiah is now. Might we actually see a “Draft Wright – the Right Man for the Job” movement in Denver?

    At first I thought that Ms. Inevitability was a cinch to win the nomination. Then the Messiah looked unbeatable. I don’t know which way to flip-flop anymore since my batting average is .000 up to now.

  11. Steve Skubinna says:

    Doesn’t matter at all what it looks like. Obama has made his pronouncement, his fans and allies in the MSM will cheer his statesmanlike behavior, announce that he has definitively settled the matter, and it is time to Move On and address the Real Issues.

    Not that BHO has ever actually, you know, done that. Nary an issue or point or plan from him, just gaseous platitudes to make the thrill run up Chris Mathews’ leg or induce Andrew Sullivan to swoon. Greatest Presidnet since Lincoln, and so on.

    Is there an Obamaphile anywhere capable of stringing together more than two words to produce a cogent argument, or are they all dizzy brain dead groupies?

  12. Great White Rat says:

    Whoa…hold on a minute. I thought he could no more renounce Wright than he could renounce the black community.

    So…I guess he didn’t mean that, huh? How very much like a politician. Oh wait…that’s what Wright said about him.

    This is what the Obama campaign has deteriorated into: the racist hate-mongering preacher is now the one speaking the truth, and the messianic figure of hope is now the one who can’t keep his story straight and has to issue daily revisions. :-j

  13. forest hunter says:

    “Nary an issue or point or plan from him, just gaseous platitudes to make the thrill run up Chris Mathews’ leg or induce Andrew Sullivan to swoon.”

    But since facts have zero impact, should the antithesis represented by the master of void be somehow any less anticlimactic?

    Welcome to the twilight zone of the err genus, masters of nothing, convincing those creating bubbles in the dust of their important contribution, though their self serving definitions leave these moon faced, pie eyed and bewildered laying about one campus after the other, in a daze of glory unearned, unrefined and unresolved. With no hope of grasping the general arts of how and why the world is, the as of yet unwilling preference to use the talents I assume most of us were born with, remain under a combination lock masked in their self induced masturbatory flatulence.

  14. Lorica says:

    The Republican party is the party of firsts. We were the 1st to advocate for the end of slavery. We were the 1st to advocate for Women’s sufferage. It is left to us, to have the 1st minority, and the 1st woman President. – Lorica

  15. Tom TB says:

    If Barack could no more renounce Pastor Wright than renounce the black community, and now he has renounced Pastor Wright does that mean…he’s painted himself into a corner?

  16. Steve Skubinna says:

    Well, forest, of course I agree with you, especially regarding Democrat pols (they have to obfuscate because bitter experience has shown them that “we’re gonna take all your stuff” is a harder sell than one might think). But Mister Hopey Changiness is far and away the most vaporous pol out there right now.

    Vague platitudes and nothing concrete (but as I said, that whole “we’re gonna take all your stuff” thing flops at the polls). At least Michelle is not reticent about making all of us pay for her miserable life.

  17. gary fouse says:

    The Contortionist Barack Obama

    “I can no more disown Rev Wright and my church than I can my own white grandmother who raised me.”

    “I was not present when these statements were made.”

    “Was I present in the pew when some of those statements that many would consider controversial were made? Yes.”

    “I was not present during those statements, Larry.”

    “I am outraged. I am saddened by the spectacle we saw yesterday.”

    (I am quoting these words by Barack Obama by memory, not from text. They may or may not be word for word, but I am confident that there is no distortion or taking out of context.)

    Today, in the wake of Jeremiah Wright’s appearances before the NAACP in Detroit and the National Press Club in Washington, Barack Obama has spoken out strongly against Wright. In reality, Obama had to do this in order to keep his viability as a candidate. No longer could he (or Wright) claim that the pastor’s statements were taken out of context-or in sound bites. Both appearances have been shown in their entirety. Wright has confirmed the content of the sermons that we had previously witnessed in “sound bites”. At this point, with Wright seemingly going on a speaking tour and a book coming out in October, Obama had to speak out.

    Today, Obama stated that he is saddened, outraged, and that his relationship with Wright has now changed. Wright is not the person he met 20 years ago, according to Obama. He stated that he had only seen Wright on TV last night. (I assume that means I saw the Detroit performance before he did.)

    I have to say in Obama’s defense that he is obviously caught in the middle of two constituencies, just as he has lived his life between two worlds-white and black. Yet, Obama cannot have it both ways as he has tried to do. He has carefully measured his responses to Wright.

    Having said that, Obama, in my view, is not credible. Say what you will about Jeremiah Wright, he is consistent. For Obama to maintain that, over the course of 20 years, he had no idea that Wright held these views is disingenuous, to say the least.

    At this point, Obama is literally tying himself in knots trying to maneuver his way through this morass. He had to know that his pastor had gone to Libya in 1984 with Louis Farrakhan to meet Moamar Khadafi. He knew the tenets of his churches’ “Black Value System”. Originally, he claimed that he had never been present when the controversial statements were made. Then he admitted in his Philadelphia speech that we was, indeed, present during some of those comments. Within days, he was on Larry King’s show again denying he had been present. Contradiction? Absolutely.

    In his Philadelphia speech, he tried to walk the tightrope. He disavowed the comments, but stated that he could “no more disown Rev. Wright and the church than he could disown his white grandmother”-whom he then described to America as a prejudiced person (later referred to as a “typical white person”). Now he is disowning Wright, again trying to convince the public that he had no idea what this man was really like.

    Of course he knew. Twenty years ago, when he was a “community organizer” in the south side of Chicago, he joined this church because it represented a base from which he could build his career. Fair enough. But when Obama went on to become a state senator, a US Senator and now, a presidential candidate, membership in this church and association with Wright became no longer appropriate.

    If Obama has only recently come to see what Wright represents, why did he dis-invite him to speak at the event by which he declared for the presidency? Wright’s views had recently been featured in a Rolling Stone article. Obama knew.

    Obama has always known.

    He has known of the damning statements made against America, the race-baiting, the links with Louis Farrakhan, the trip to Libya and on and on and on. When he was a “community organizer” (whatever that means), the church and Wright suited him just fine. But now, he needs to appeal to the entire country-not just blacks, but whites, Hispanics, Jews, and Asians. He should have seen this situation coming years ago. Yet, he didn’t see it until it hit him in the face. That speaks volumes about his judgement.

    As for Wright, he has added a couple of new adjectives to his personal description. Man of God? Perhaps, but he is also a self-centered, self-promoting demogogue who clearly cares little for what he is doing to his parishioner’s presidential campaign. Obama can be excused for being angry. Privately, he must be boiling.

    By the way, who were those menacing-looking guys flanking Rev. Wright at the National Press Club yesterday? Is it true, in fact, that Wright is being guarded by the Fruit of Islam? What does Mr Obama think about that?

    And by the way, what say you, Mrs Obama-in light of your recent comments about the country? How come the mainstream news media is not asking her for comments on Wright?

    And by the way, now that Obama has “disowned” Wright, I wonder if the good pastor will strike back at Obama and clarify whether Obama was, indeed present, during his fiery sermons.

    From Jeremiah Wright to William Ayres to Tony Rezko, there are so many suspect associations that Obama needs to explain. He is not doing a very good job of doing that, but then again, the mainstream news media is not doing a very good job of digging into it. Why is that? They would rather not-that’s why.

    gary fouse

  18. EBurke says:

    I dunno, I kind of think this is the worst case scenario for us. If Wright had been quiet, we could have smeared Obama for his association with him as much as we wanted up until the election (since he defended that racist nutcase in his philadelphia “speech” and refused to distance himself from him).

    But the idiot had to shoot his mouth off, and now he gave Obama the perfect excuse to kick him under the bus. This lets Obama distance himself from the inflammatory comments pretty convincingly (hey, don’t listen to that guy, he doesn’t even like me!) without alienating hardly any AA support AND Obamamessiah can claim cred for being “tough on the black community” to garner more white votes.

    It’s kind of a fucking disaster.

  19. Dunk says:

    I`m hardly impressed. Obama had 20 years to separate himself from Reverend Wright and failed to do so.

    He`s an opportunist who understands when votes are at stake.

  20. forest hunter says:

    He`s an opportunist who understands when votes are at stake.

    That and how stupid those hypocrites he’s pandering to truly are.

  21. Lorica says:

    And this is the man who wants to hold summits with our enemies??? Buh Bye Barry, your toast!! – Lorica