Barack Obama: General election presidential candidate

Posted by: ST on July 1, 2008 at 2:28 pm

Recent positions taken by the junior Senator from Illinois have me wondering if the general election version of Barack Obama would have ever made it past the primaries. Arianna Huffington has even blasted Obama today, suggesting that “moving to the middle is for losers.”

—— Ed Morrissey has documented yet another BO flip flop, this time on gay marriage. It’s safe to say at this point that not even Obama’s most senior advisors can sort out his various positions on the issue.

—– Many on the left are now panicking over the AP’s report today that suggests Obama has plans to “expand” Bush’s faith-based programs, programs that have been thorns in the side of the left for years. The Obama campaign is denying some of what the AP reported, but not the underlying point of the article, which is that he is on board with the expansion of the programs. Here’s his speech on the topic, made today in Zanesville, Ohio. It’s all part of his plan to “reach out” to evangelicals “once loyal to Bush.”

—– ABC News’ Political Radar blog is reporting a “shift” in Obama’s stance on welfare reform, and documents other Obama shifts on Social Security, unconditional talks, and gun control laws.

A little shifting/flipping during a general election is expected from most candidates, but in my opinion Obama is taking it to a level not seen in several presidential election cycles. That said, he may have bigger problems than the possibility that some on the far left turning from him over his general election metamorphosis if his campaign surrogates continue to denigrate McCain’s service to our country which has happened eight times in the last few weeks, the most recent one happening yesterday, in spite of Obama’s passionate declaration on the same day that no one should devalue McCain’s service.

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4 Responses to “Barack Obama: General election presidential candidate”


  1. Richard says:

    Were are these guys coming from. What happened to them. That’s at least the 2nd guy with military/combat experience that has said that McCain’s POW experience doesn’t rate him being the POTUS when they forgot to mention that OBAMA has no experience whatsoever in doing anything. I don’t get it. Have they lost their minds?

  2. dennis says:

    I think the point is not moving to the middle is for losers. Do hard core liberals not want to win the election on principal? A careful examination of BO’s faith based initiatives would show that he’s helping the poor and recruiting religious supporter and proposing safeguards. That’s a win for liberals even if their dogma doesn’t allow for it. The rabid left is a liability for liberals of all colors.

  3. Teri Pittman says:

    The Dems are stuck in a bind. The party is fully in the hands of the very leftward Pelosi wing. Yet somehow, they have to appeal to the general public to get elected. So we keep getting treated to these swings in policy, from Kerry to Obama. It’s only going to get worse.

    Have you been reading any of the Hillary supporter (PUMA) blogs? I hope they jump ship, I really do. The only hope for the Democratic party is to let them fail and have new leaders step forward.