John McCain deliberately gives out Obama’s Iraq trip information in order to sabotage it!!!

Well, you’d think that only if you wanted to believe the very worst about your political opponent, rather than acknowledging that what he said was clearly an innocent mistake.  

And of course considering that discussion of the issue has spread like wildfire across (mostly) the leftosphere, continuing to call attention to it by repeatedly discussing the issue in detail only keeps the information they claim shouldn’t have been revealed to the public, well, in the public’s eye.

We’ll just charitably call this one of those lefty “(Compact Fluorescent) Lights are On But Nobody’s Home” classics.

Related: In honor of The Chosen One’s upcoming trips to Iraq and Afghanistan, the McCain campaign gave Obama’s star-studded traveling press corps a primer packet on his policies towards both countries, complete with a cover featuring BO’s faux presidential seal (via Marc Ambinder). 

Saturday Update – 12:01 AM: Nail, meet hammer.

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