Things overheard at a wedding reception

While mingling amongst the guests, I heard the following:

— “Bush is an idiot.”

— “Getting shot down in a war zone doesn’t automatically make McCain qualified to be CIC.”

— “They shouldn’t have tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about an affair. All guys lie about affairs when first confronted about them. Bush lied and sent our military men and women to a foreign country to die for a lie.”

— “We better pray Obama gets elected, so Republicans will start acting like Republicans again.” (When I pointed out that Obama would have an even more solid Democrat majority in Congress to work with than is there now, it had no effect.)

— “Obama’s acting like he’s already president with that speech he made in Berlin. At least he’s not a gaffe machine like Bush.” (Clearly, his World Tour is helping him.)

— “We need to improve our standing in the world.”


Can’t people give it a freaking rest for a few hours for a wedding reception? Sheesh.

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