Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) compares Obama to Jesus on the House floor

And it gets worse. Watch the video here.

Here’s the transcript:

“Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus…Pontias Pilate was a governor.”

Cohen, who is Jewish, should know better than to make such an off the wall comparison. And no, I won’t even get into the debate on Pontius Pilate, but Cohen knows what he was saying by the remark and he should be ashamed of himself.

Sounds suspiciously like what Obama surrogate Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) and Obama spokesman Mark Burinski strongly implied when they 1) falsely asserted that Pat Buchanan was a “Nazi sympathizer” and 2) falsely accused Gov. Palin of guilt by association for “supporting” him (she didn’t), though, doesn’t it?

Do I detect a pattern of desperation here on the part of the the Obama campaign in trying to win over a majority of Florida’s Jewish voters at a time when Florida polls show McCain and Obama in a close race? Hmmm.

Sadly, Cohen’s not alone when it comes to making the community organizer=Jesus=Obama comparison:

Amy Chozick reports from Lebanon, Va., on the presidential race.

Democrats are asking Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin: What would Jesus do?

The Alaska governor, a Christian, has come under fire for criticizing community organizers, but according to labor leader Cecil Roberts, Jesus was a community organizer.

“I used to be a community organizer and I’m in good company” Roberts said as he introduced Barack Obama at a town hall event here Tuesday night. “Martin Luther King was a community organizer. Listen, Sarah, Moses was a community organizer and yes, Jesus was a community organizer.”

Sigh. Sound familiar?

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