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September 11, 2008

9/11 victim Peter Edward Mardikian: Gone too soon (REPOSTING)

As part of DC Roe’s Project 2,996 from 2 years ago, I wrote this post in honor and tribute to murdered 9-11 victim Peter Edward Mardikian, and wanted to repost it today, the 7 year anniversary of 9-11. The links in the posts were valid, workable links the first year it was posted, and hopefully they are still good to use this year, too.  Longtime readers have already ready this post, but I hope newbies who have not seen it will take a few minutes to read the post in full in order to get to know Peter Mardikian,  because like all the victims of 9-11, he is a man worth knowing … and worth remembering......   [Read More]

Charlie Gibson’s interview with Gov. Palin

Did any of ya’ll get a chance to watch the interview that ABC’s Charlie Gibson did with Gov. Palin tonight on their evening news? They were short clips, and thankfully we’ll be seeing more on Nightline later tonight (and supposedly some will be aired tomorrow) because just about everything she said was edited, for brevity, I assume. Here are excerpts from the interview, as well as a video clip......   [Read More]