PDS Brigade: Gov. Palin cheated!

Posted by: ST on October 3, 2008 at 6:23 pm

Well, HuffPo wondered aloud last night whether or not she’d be wired, and their mirror images at Reuters actually asked the Debate Commission to check the ear canals of each candidate, so it was only a matter of time before more far left geniuses followed up today by exclaiming that Gov. Palin was working off a “cheat sheet” of sorts at last night’s debate. Taking his cue from the McPalin-hating NYT, “Faiz” at Think Progress gurgles:

For Sarah Palin, last night’s debate was an open-book exam. She spent much of the evening methodically reading and rehearsing answers from “carefully scripted talking points.” Palin’s notes were largely hidden from plain view, resting behind the lectern where she stood.

Because the cable and network television stations did not show a split screen of the debate, most viewers could not see that, during Joe Biden’s answers, Palin spent almost all her time looking down and studiously reading her notes. But viewers did see that when Palin delivered her answers, she would repeatedly glance down to check her talking points.

ThinkProgress has compiled a video documenting some of the instances where it was clear to the audience that Palin was propped up by written responses. Watch a video compilation:

Read the rest of the post if you need an education as to what PDS does to people.

be torn down, her accomplishments and responsibilities must be denigrated, and her looks must be demeaned and used for sick purposes.

I wish I could say I was surprised but, sadly, this is all too common in the world of the far left today. I shudder to think just how much lower they will sink in their attempts to try and destroy her.

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13 Responses to “PDS Brigade: Gov. Palin cheated!”


  1. NC Cop says:

    You know, as depressed as I have been about this election, I’m starting to wonder why the left is still tearing down Palin. If they are so far ahead in the “polls” they shouldn’t need to worry about it, right???

    Perhaps they aren’t as convinced as they would like to be.

  2. Steven W. says:

    It gets worse … apparently the left is now convinced that she may have been … ovulating ROFLMAO

  3. Can you imagine how bad it will get on the Left if Barry loses? The aftermath of 2004 will look like a tea party.

  4. “…where it was clear to the audience that Palin was propped up by written responses.”

    Maybe I’m slow here but if the implication was that Palin was reciting prescripted answers it wasn’t obvious. More to the point, if I was in a debate I’d mostly say what I’d written out in my blog. Why is this considered a problem? Aren’t you supposed to get your thoughts and ideas in order by writing them out ahead of time? Is there some requirement that everything be off the cuff?

    I also remember how in 2004 the left got itself convinced that W was wearing some sort of “receiving device” in his jacket. Remember the photos of the crease in the back of his suit jacket and how some leftards were saying it was some sort of radio receiver?

    As with Palin now, the left just can’t understand that yes, we are smart and can beat them at their own game.

  5. Great White Rat says:

    But viewers did see that when Palin delivered her answers, she would repeatedly glance down to check her talking points.

    You know what would be even worse? If she were an candidate who couldn’t utter a coherent sentence without a teleprompter!

    Gee, it’s a good thing we don’t have anyone like that running…imagine how ThinkProgress would tear into that candidate!!


  6. kazoolist says:

    Two notes:

    One, watching the video, I couldn’t help but notice Biden was spending copious amounts of time “looking down” as well. (But maybe that’s just my Biden Derangement Syndrome flaring up?)

    Two, I pulled up the Couric interview. Sure enough, with a fair amount of regularity, both during parts where she’s sitting down as well as when they were walking outside, Palin looks down to think about an answer.

  7. Steve Skubinna says:

    I’ve observed this before, but it warms the cockles of my shriveled little conservative heart to watch these sensitive caring tolerant lefties go after Sarah Palin for…

    … for being an uppity bitch who thinks she can do a man’s job.

    It’s even more amusing than watching feminists during the ’90s arguing over who most wanted to give Bill Clinton a, er… “The Full Monica” in order to keep abortion legal.

  8. Severian says:

    You know, I’ve often wondered about the psychology of some feminists. Abortion is a complex issue, bouncing off the bumpers of everything from morality, infanticide, and free will, right to control reproductive processes and women’s rights. But still, to be so stridently attached to what is at best still a horrific practice, so determined to mainstream it and make it a day to day accepted practice makes me wonder if there’s not a certain amount of self loathing in many feminists minds. It’s as if they need to define themselves by their unequivocal support of ripping a living being out of their bodies, which ultimately is the main definition of being female, the ability to bear life. What’s up with that? It’s as if they secretly deep down want to be men and not women, that they don’t really embrace their femininity and don’t fully enjoy being female.

    Ah well, another of life’s mysteries I guess.

  9. Lorica says:

    =)) She needed “carefully scripted talking points” to say that she did not agree with gay marriage??? She needed “carefully scripted talking points” to say that Obiden wanted surrender in Iraq?? How stupid are these people. =)) – Lorica

  10. rrobin says:

    Here’s a video about this “financial crisis” I suggest we get out to every voter possible, all over the country, and I also understand that Sean Hannity’s America on Sunday night on Fox is going to focus on this in a very specific, hard-hitting way.
    Especially before this next debate, the exposure of this may wind up being the issue that actually sinks the Obama campaign.

  11. Jack Deth says:

    Sarah cleaned Joe’s clock and the DNC, left and MSM all know it! Ergo, their scraping the bottom of the lunatic barrel for something, anything that will gain traction. :d/

    I say let Sarah be Sarah and put her on a multi-state speaking spree. That will put the PDSers into full blown panic mode! :((:((:((


  12. John says:

    Here’s the kicker: If I understand the debate’s rules correctly, neither candidate was allowed to carry pre-written material. What the WERE allowed, was note cards and a writing instrument.

    In other words, yes they probably BOTH looked down, because they were jotting down notes as the debate went along.

    Of course, it’s much better if we can say she cheated. Then ol’ Joe doesn’t feel so bad about getting whipped. By a girl.

    Frankly, back to perception again, if she so OBVIOUSLY lost, as many MSM news organizations are claiming, who cares if she cheated?

    I think she cleaned his clock with wit and charm, and I hope to God she’s the next Veep.