Dirty Harry Reid: Tying Obama to Franklin Raines is … racist

Posted by: ST on October 9, 2008 at 7:04 pm


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Here’s the relevant part of what he said (via Breitbart.tv):

“[Franklin] Raines, who you’re talking about, worked for Fannie Mae, was there for a while. The only connection that people could bring up about Raines and Barack Obama is they both are African-American, other than that there is nothing.”

That was from an interview he did on Las Vegas’ KXNT 840 AM radio station – the radio host’s name is Casey Hendrickson. Click here to listen to the full interview.

Note how, after Reid throws the race card out there, and Hendrickson takes offense to it and tells him so, Reid stupidly says in response (paraphrasing): “Well you’re the one who brought up Franklin Raines, not me.”

This is just one more way that Democrats continue to try and shut down criticism of The One – if it’s not by legal means or intimidation, it’s by playing the race card. And the media, of course, plays right along with them.

So much for their claims of wanting to have an ‘open, honest, frank dialogue’ with the American people.

Update/Related: One “uncommitted” townhall questioner really wasn’t so “uncommitted” – and played the race card against McCain today, too. Amanda Carpenter has the details.

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  • 11 Responses to “Dirty Harry Reid: Tying Obama to Franklin Raines is … racist”


    1. Reid may be giving Boxer competition for the “stupidest member of the Senate” award. l-)

    2. Great White Rat says:

      Anthony, remember that Reid also said that paying your taxes is voluntary, and was nonplussed when the interviewer pointed out that people who don’t pay their taxes go to prison so it isn’t voluntary. That’s weapons-grade stupid.

      Of course, apparently it’s now not only voluntary, it’s patriotic.

      As hard as it is to believe, there are otherwise intelligent people who will dutifully march off to the polls and vote for nincompoops who beclown themselves like this on a regular basis (right, alchemist?).

    3. Get used to it, my conservative friends. If Obama is elected you can expect 8 years of all criticism of The One being met with the charge of racism.

    4. arcman says:

      It still amazes me that someone as stupid as Harry Reid can be the leader of the Senate. Of course, Pelosi is pretty stupid also. The scary thing is that if Obama gets elected as President, Harry and San Fran Nan will basically have a blank check to do anything they want.

    5. GWR, it’s not just patriotic to pay higher taxes, it’s without a doubt racist to complain about higher taxes.

      I’m glad we understand that, now.~:>

    6. SpideyTerry says:

      “Dirty Harry Reid: Tying Obama to Franklin Raines is … racist”

      Hey! Dirty Harry was someone you could respect and root for. Harry Reid is a worthless pinhead that needs to be voted out of office ASAP.

      “If Obama is elected you can expect 8 years of all criticism of The One being met with the charge of racism.”

      Eight years? I strongly doubt American voters are dumb enough to put up with Obama for eight whole years. Four tops, but not eight. Frankly, unless Obama could avoid majorly screwing up (which I strongly doubt), I think Republicans will see better times in 2010 and Barry may even face primary challenges in 2012.

      And I wouldn’t worry about anyone that plays the race card in response to criticism of Obama. They are mental midgets easily handled by words with more than one syllable. If anything, I’d have fun arguing with those people. They seem so easily agitated.

    7. Hey Sister Toldjah, and readers,

      I am that Casey Hendrickson, and just wanted to stop by and thank you for doing the story. When I found out about the Reid interview I figured it would be a 2-3 minute interview (which is typical). However, one of Reid’s aides, Tom, told me I’d have 14-15 minutes, but they’d likely have to cut it short. At 14:35 you can hear me try to wrap up the interview, but Reid said he was fine and to continue asking questions. In all, it ended up being about 28 minutes.

      Some other highlights aside from the implication that I am a racist was that Reid said McCain wasn’t cleared in the Keating Five, global warming is officially over, and Reid ripped his own spokesman, Jim Manley, for saying that Reid had no knowledge of an insurance company being on the verge of bankruptcy.

      I just wanted to thank all of you again, and wish you all the best.

    8. Great White Rat says:


      Your interview was outstanding. Holding a politician’s feet to the fire while remaining polite and classy isn’t easy. Very well done.

      Moving from topic to topic and backing up the questions with facts (the 65 mpg car, global warming) clearly had Reid scrambling to remember his talking points…how many times did he clear his throat when you asked a question to buy some time?

      Actually, Reid had one accurate statement. He said that you and he look at the world with different glasses. I agree. His lenses are made of a magical synthetic plastic that filters out anything uncomfortable to the Democrats and especially to Obama.

    9. Great White Rat,

      Thank you for the compliments. The funny thing is the station has kept me away from interviewing Reid because they were worried that I wouldn’t be polite. He cleared his throat a couple times, and there were some long pauses on some of the questions.

      I’ve only told a couple of people this, and figured that Sister Toldjah’s readers would be interested. I got a call yesterday from my producer that Harry Reid’s office wanted my email address to “send me something.” I gave the ok. I have no idea what it is that Reid wants to send me, but I’ll let you know as soon as I get it. I’ve only told Sister Toldjah, and Needs of the Many readers to be on the lookout for what’s next. Thanks again.