Just what do people know about Barack Obama?

Posted by: ST on October 13, 2008 at 8:07 pm

There has been a lot of frustration felt by many of us over the course of the last few weeks, and one of the biggest sources of it has been the fact that so many people appear to be ignorant of just which party played a significant role in the ongoing economic crisis. Seeing as that the economy is the number one issue on voters minds right now, you’d think that they wouldn’t want to see the party in power who turned the other cheek when Republicans – including McCain – pushed for more oversight and strong regulation of Fannie Mae an Freddie Mac in an attempt to prevent what has happened the last several weeks from happening. Many Democrats, as readers of this blog know already, rejected those attempts. Others, like Barack Obama, did nothing. In fact, the two Democrats in the Senate who have gotten the most money from the FMs are … Christpher Dodd (D-CT) and Barack Obama. Yet here we stand, on the verge of seeing Barack Obama elected as president.

It’s mindboggling, because no one who knows about and understands this issue could possibly want that same party to try and “fix” the problem they helped create to a large extent. The conclusion many of us have come to is that many voters in this country who have moved towards Obama during this crisis simply don’t know enough to make an informed decision and are swinging towards Obama simply because he’s not a member of the incumbent president’s party.

With that in mind, let’s turn to an audio clip from the Howard Stern show. No, I don’t care for Stern at all, but he did a segment today in which a guy who works for the show went out and interviewed people in Harlem and asked them about Obama and McCain. What the interviewer did was apply McCain’s positions to Obama, and asked random people questions like “”Are you more for Obama’s policy because he’s pro-life? Or because he thinks should stay in Iraq and finish this war?” Click below to listen:

Now, what will probably attract the most attention from that audio clip as far as the left is concerned is the fact that Howard Stern had the guy interview only black people, in an attempt to prove that they were only voting for Obama because he is black. But the truth be told, how many people out there think that the average white voter out there would have answered any differently? I don’t think there would have been very many.

The audio clip made me feel a mixture of sadness and anger. Sadness because there are so many people in this country who (I feel) don’t know much about Barack Obama and are voting for him for no other reason than because he makes people “feel good” and because he’s “cool and hip” (shades of Bubba), and anger, because this type of lazy ignorance is very likely going to elect a man who sells Socialism with a smile on his face (“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” – video of comment here) and makes it look “appealing” to those who don’t know any better.

This is why most Republicans fear an Obama presidency, John McCain. Are you listening?


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  • 16 Responses to “Just what do people know about Barack Obama?”


    1. KG says:

      That is beyond sad. It becomes the old ‘cult of personality.’ They have no idea what they are getting with Obama, but it just doesn’t matter. Mind-boggling.

      Curious if the same trick with McCain voters would’ve worked in some podunk redneck town. I hope not…

    2. Joe says:

      Like Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Perhaps we should impose a mandatory test of history and current events as a prerequisite for registering to vote. It’s frightening that the fate of our nation, indeed the world, is in the hands of so many incompetent people.

    3. camojack says:

      Too much. Not surprising, though; they’re voting for an image… :-w

    4. Tom TB says:

      Even though we spend billions on public education, we have a majority in this country that would fail the citizens test that all legal aliens take to become U.S. citizens. We have voters that can’t tell you what the three branches of our government are, let alone who’s in them.

    5. Great White Rat says:

      I’m with Joe and Tom, and have been for a long time. I don’t think the qualifying test should be tough (nothing about the implications of Marbury vs. Madison, for instance), but anyone who doesn’t know what the letters “U.N.” stands for or doesn’t know the name of the Vice President or their own congressman should be allowed within 500 yards of a polling place.

      Related – an editorial in today’s WSJ nicely encapsulates all the issues regarding Obama, ACORN, and the way Farrakhan’s Messiah is trying to pretend he had nothing to do with America’s leading vote fraud group.

    6. yo says:

      Just one more point on the financial crisis.

      If the dem inspired fannie and freddie had not gone bust, the wall street credit default swap problem would never have happened. That’s why when you see USA Today trying to say that the wall street problem with credit default swaps is the number one problem and congressional tinkering with fannie mae was number two, you know they are just one more outlet in the tank for their messiah. We already knew that CBS sixty minutes was in the tank, but all the rest have followed from the broad “wall street greed”, to the specific “credit default swaps”. The swaps were derivatives of the no-good bonds. It was the bonds that caused it. I just want everyone to know about this furthering of the lie that dems are putting forward.

    7. yo says:

      And an additional point.

      The new meme from the left is that cra could only have been responsible for half of the sub prime loans. Well, guess what. That’s still half a TRILLION dollars.

      Also, the private mortgage brokers that made up the rest of the loans could have been regulated, if it weren’t for the reagan deregulation nuts, so says the left. Well, we (republicans) did try to regulate them. That’s what the regulation attempt of fannie mae was ALL ABOUT. If fannie mae would have been regulated, the private mortgage brokers couldn’t have sold them all those “liar loans”.

      Why do we have to keep refuting the lefts bs?

      Now, in the midst of all this hard evidence that ACORN is trying to pull off the most massive voter election fraud in this country’s history, the left is starting to claim “republican ways to steal an election”.

      Good freakin grief!

    8. Lorica says:

      Sorry to go off topic, but I was reading this article by Jack Cashill regarding Barry’s book “Dreams of My Fathers”, and I ran across this little quote, which got me thinking.

      “But another part of me knew that what I was telling them was a lie,” writes Obama, “something I’d constructed from the scraps of information I’d picked up from my mother.”

      It appears Barry is quite comfortable with lying to people. Why would anyone believe that he isn’t lying now? – Lorica

    9. BeachBabe NC says:

      “Yes,Yes, I do think Sarah Palin would be a good vice president if Obama got elected..” There it is folks right there.. Welcome to the first election won by the media!! I cant believe what I just heard on the Howie Stern video. My father passed away this past V-Day and I have to say that Im glad he isnt here to hear, or see, this C-rap that is going on here in the country he fought for. Ahhhh makes me laugh…God help us!!

    10. Jeanie says:

      The findings of Sterns little experiment, really aren’t that shocking, or surprising.

      How else can you explain the constant passes, Obama gets, even when the absolute facts are laid out. His lies come back to haunt him, almost daily, yet he’s still not being scrutinized, or admonished for them.

      Some just don’t care. They see the first black president, and will do anything to see that happen, regardless of his polices, or ideologies. They don’t realize the bigger picture of what this man, and a predominantly Democratic Congress will do.

      The elitists, just don’t care what he’s done, or said, even when they know it’s lies, or bad associations. They deliberately tuck these truths away, to keep the ignorant, ignorant. They are so blinded by their lust for a Democratic President, that they refuse to see what lays in wait, if he is elected. Blinded by drooling lust for control!

    11. SouthernBelle says:

      If you go to You Tube to view the clip, the comments are already disabled.

    12. Jeanie says:

      On the Howard Stern piece? :o My God, the oppression is comin faster, and faster every day.

    13. NC Cop says:

      Doesn’t surprise me at all……anymore.

      This country is headed into the toilet and Obama will be leading the way.