Just what do people know about Barack Obama?

There has been a lot of frustration felt by many of us over the course of the last few weeks, and one of the biggest sources of it has been the fact that so many people appear to be ignorant of just which party played a significant role in the ongoing economic crisis. Seeing as that the economy is the number one issue on voters minds right now, you’d think that they wouldn’t want to see the party in power who turned the other cheek when Republicans – including McCain – pushed for more oversight and strong regulation of Fannie Mae an Freddie Mac in an attempt to prevent what has happened the last several weeks from happening. Many Democrats, as readers of this blog know already, rejected those attempts. Others, like Barack Obama, did nothing. In fact, the two Democrats in the Senate who have gotten the most money from the FMs are … Christpher Dodd (D-CT) and Barack Obama. Yet here we stand, on the verge of seeing Barack Obama elected as president.

It’s mindboggling, because no one who knows about and understands this issue could possibly want that same party to try and “fix” the problem they helped create to a large extent. The conclusion many of us have come to is that many voters in this country who have moved towards Obama during this crisis simply don’t know enough to make an informed decision and are swinging towards Obama simply because he’s not a member of the incumbent president’s party.

With that in mind, let’s turn to an audio clip from the Howard Stern show. No, I don’t care for Stern at all, but he did a segment today in which a guy who works for the show went out and interviewed people in Harlem and asked them about Obama and McCain. What the interviewer did was apply McCain’s positions to Obama, and asked random people questions like “”Are you more for Obama’s policy because he’s pro-life? Or because he thinks should stay in Iraq and finish this war?” Click below to listen:

Now, what will probably attract the most attention from that audio clip as far as the left is concerned is the fact that Howard Stern had the guy interview only black people, in an attempt to prove that they were only voting for Obama because he is black. But the truth be told, how many people out there think that the average white voter out there would have answered any differently? I don’t think there would have been very many.

The audio clip made me feel a mixture of sadness and anger. Sadness because there are so many people in this country who (I feel) don’t know much about Barack Obama and are voting for him for no other reason than because he makes people “feel good” and because he’s “cool and hip” (shades of Bubba), and anger, because this type of lazy ignorance is very likely going to elect a man who sells Socialism with a smile on his face (“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” – video of comment here) and makes it look “appealing” to those who don’t know any better.

This is why most Republicans fear an Obama presidency, John McCain. Are you listening?


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