Infuriation nation, continued

Part two in a continuing series

—– If you think what you heard from the Howard Stern “man on the street” interview segment a couple of days ago was infuriating, what til you read this:

I just got an astounding e-mail from a Republican consultant I know well. He’s a guy who’s always thought Obama had a “glass jaw,” and was always among those agitating for hitting Obama harder.

Recently, he conducted a focus group in an upper-Midwestern state, showing them the kind of ad he thought would work: A no-holds-barred attack, cut for an independent group, which hasn’t aired.

I’m just going to reprint his amazed e-mail about the focus group:

Reagan Dems and Independents. Call them blue-collar plus. Slightly more Target than Walmart.

Yes, the spot worked. Yes, they believed the charges against Obama. Yes, they actually think he’s too liberal, consorts with bad people and WON’T BE A GOOD PRESIDENT…but they STILL don’t give a f***. They said right out, “He won’t do anything better than McCain” but they’re STILL voting for Obama.

The two most unreal moments of my professional life of watching focus groups:

54 year-old white male, voted Kerry ’04, Bush ’00, Dole ’96, hunter, NASCAR fan…hard for Obama said: “I’m gonna hate him the minute I vote for him. He’s gonna be a bad president. But I won’t ever vote for another god-d*mn Republican. I want the government to take over all of Wall Street and bankers and the car companies and Wal-Mart run this county like we used to when Reagan was President.”

The next was a woman, late 50s, Democrat but strongly pro-life. Loved B. and H. Clinton, loved Bush in 2000. “Well, I don’t know much about this terrorist group Barack used to be in with that Weather guy but I’m sick of paying for health insurance at work and that’s why I’m supporting Barack.”

I felt like I was taking crazy pills. I sat on the other side of the glass and realized…this really is the Apocalypse. The Seventh Seal is broken and its time for eight years of pure, delicious crazy….

That’s the kind of “feedback” that could very well cause me to have a meltdown if I’m not careful. Can you believe these freaking people?

—– The “rehabilitation” of Bill Ayers reputation begins. Or I should say “continues” – the Obama campaign has already done their part on The One’s website – in fact, they did it well before it became fashionable to do so. I expect the Ayers issue to come up tonight, and also expect Obama to be prepared for it with his usual bogus talking points. He’s already running radio ads about the issue, trying to play it down. Character doesn’t matter, you know.

—– Just as they tried to do with Rev. Wright, the left are busy trying to find a “moral equivalent” on the right to Bill Ayers, so as to “neutralize” the issue. Obama’s in fairly good shape at the moment in the polls, so I don’t understand the desperation behind trying to make such a connection, but whatevs.

—– This headline says it all: US communists say their time has come (via Moonbattery).

—– Rep. John Murtha is in hot water – again – this time for calling Western Pennsylvanians “racists.” Yet he’ll still win next month, no doubt, because he continues to bring home the bacon. (Hat tip: Multiple ST readers)

—– And speaking of racism, the latest leftie to pull out the race card is Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andrew Greeley. Here’s how his latest column starts off:

South Pacific” is a morality play for our time. Sarah Palin is the Ensign Nellie Forbush — an All-American girl as racist, this time a racist with her eye on the White House. She can stir up crowds to shout “Kill him!” at the mention of the presidential candidate of the other party a couple of weeks before the national election.

Right off the bat we can see that Greeley is obviously one who would never let a little thing like the facts get in the way of a good ol’ fashioned race-baiting rant.

—– The con continues: Obama’s Tax Cut is Actually a Spending Increase, Says Non-Partisan Group.

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