Thursday evening links

I’ve got lots to catch up on, so I’ll try and condense today’s hot stories in one post. Here goes:

—– Local news networks in the Pittsburgh area are reporting on an attack that happened to a woman at an ATM machine in Bloomfield. Allegedly, after her attacker took her money he saw that she had a McCain bumper sticker and proceeded to carve a “B” on the side of her face. The alleged attack happened outside of the range of the hidden camera, and police are still investigating and trying to find out who robbed and allegedly maimed the woman, who is a College Republican volunteer.

Let’s pause for a moment and think about how much attention this story would get if it had been alleged that a McCain supporter carved “JM” on the side of an Obama supporter’s face.

We’re on the same page.

Related: Was the home of the central Florida GOP headquarters manager shot up over the fact that he put McCain-Palin signs in his yard?

—– Patrick Ruffini has more details on even more problems with online doning at Barack Obama’s website (Rick Moran wrote about it also here). It seems that “lax security” in terms of address verification – purposely done, I’m sure – has been one of the primary causes for the growing list of fake names and over-donations made by people not just in this country, but all over the world. And just think of all the under $200 donations the Obama campaign has gotten from people they refuse to name. Unlike John McCain, who practices what he preaches on the issue of transparency, The One simply can’t be bothered.

—– The NYT is still at it on the “issue” of Gov. Palin’s wardrobe. Sigh.

—– In better news, The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck is hitting the campaign trail on behalf of Gov. Palin. Good for her! After having to endure the left wing witches she deals with every day on camera, it’ll be nice to see her more in her element.

—– Remember the idiot that sued a man and woman who owned a dry cleaning service for over 70 million over a “lost pants”? I thought their harassment was over, but apparently it’s not. I’m wondering who this man will be able to sue over the fact that he’s lost his freaking mind.

—– Guess when the hearings on the FM/FM contribution to the economic crisis will get started? 2 weeks after the election. Surprise.

—– Hoping against hope: A new poll out shows that by a 2 to 1 margin, Americans are against Barack Obama’s plans to “spread the wealth.” Great. Now they need to demonstrate that strong disagreement by voting for McCain at the polls :)

—– Via CNS: Democratic Senator Tells Conservative Radio Station He’d Re-impose Fairness Doctrine–on Them (and he was being serious).

—– Remember Crystal Gayle Mangum, who viciously lied about being gang raped by 3 Duke lacrosse players over two years ago? She’s back in the news after writing a memoir in which she maintains that she was raped.

—– Ok, I’m all for winning this election, obviously, and I realize that McCain has to distance himself from Bush if he wants to have any hope of being able to do so, but I’m growing weary of him acting like the last 8 years have been nothing but misery for the American people. C’mon, Mc. There are ways to distance yourself from your party’s incumbent president without sounding like you’re taking on the opposition.

—– Guess who supports the EFCA, which would eliminate secret ballots in unions? Senator Elizabeth Dole’s opponent, state senator Kay Hagan, that’s who. You can help keep Kay Hagan out of the US Senate by clicking here to help Dole retain her seat.


New polling out of PA suggests that Rep. John “Pork King” Murtha, slanderer of Marines and his fellow Pennsylvanians, may be in trouble:

A new independent poll shows Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) leading his opponent by only five points, just a week after he suggested residents of western Pennsylvania are racist.
Forty-six percent of voters in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district said they supported Murtha, while 41 percent voiced support for his Republican challenger, retired Army Lt. Col. Bill Russell. Eight percent of voters said they were undecided, 4 percent said they preferred another candidate, and 1 percent refused to answer.

Murtha has found himself in hot water after telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that there is “no question” western Pennsylvania is racist. Murtha subsequently apologized, only to make another controversial statement about his constituents earlier this week.

“This whole area, years ago, was really redneck” Murtha told a Pittsburgh television news affiliate earlier this week.

And his Republican competition is getting airtime as the result of Murtha’s comments.

“When you have folks that are of rural persuasions that live in these areas, I think it’s a very unfair description of the people,” Russell said Wednesday on Fox News’s “Hannity & Colmes.”

“Right now … there’s one [poll] that shows us ahead, and there are some more that are coming out here that, I think, will shock you” Russell said. “We’ve had a number of calls, people approaching saying they’re just absolutely outraged, and they are fully intending to vote against Mr. Murtha.”

The article goes on to talk about the money advantage Murtha has over Russell. Want to help Russell defeat Murtha, who has held that 12th district seat since 1973? Click here.

The GOP probably won’t have that many big victories to brag about the day after election day, but I’d love for this one to be an exception to the rule.

Update – 6:47 PM: MM has info on a new poll which shows Russell up by 13. Wow! Hope this is a sign of things to come :D

NYT continues shilling for Democrats with anti-Palin hit piece

Last week, we saw a front page negative, irrelevant story about Cindy McCain brought on, in part, by one of their reporters trolling Facebook to dig for information from teenagers whose mothers might be able to shed more insight on how Cindy McCain is as a mother, and now they’ve got one on Gov. Palin’s $150K wardrobe.

Good to see the NYT out there still covering the heavy issues voters need to be concerned about before the election (insert eye roll here).

I understand, also, that there are some GOPers who are upset over the RNC’s spending on Gov Palin’s wardrobe. With all due respect, I say please – move on. The time spent criticizing how much was paid for Gov. Palin’s suits, hair, and make-up is nothing more than a pointless excercise in self-flagellation. As Ed Morrissey writes here in a follow-up post he did to the one he wrote yesterday, there are double standards at play for male and female public figures in terms of their appearance, and how they look (for better or worse). Ed’s post yesterday made this very relevant point:

Was this a good use of funds for the RNC? They have had more than a $100 million on hand between the campaign and the RNC in September. They spent around 0.15% of that on Palin’s wardrobe. It’s less than they’d pay for a single network-TV spot, and they’ll get more use out of it.

The NYT and other news outlets, of course, are going to spin this story in an attempt to make a mockery of Gov. Palin’s down-home roots and in my opinion it is pointless and fruitless for conservatives to join in on this criticism in any way. We’ve hit the home stretch coming into the final two weeks before election day and there are a ton of big issues out there that need to continue to be addressed and addressed forcefully, issues related to the economy, Obama’s “tax policy,” foreign policy, etc. Rather than beating themselves up over how much was spent on Gov. Palin’s clothes, conservatives need to remain focused on the bigger issues that will impact us for years to come because it’s clear that most of the mainstream media sure as hell have no intentions of following suit. Instead, they’re rather complain about Palin’s suits.


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