NYT continues shilling for Democrats with anti-Palin hit piece

Last week, we saw a front page negative, irrelevant story about Cindy McCain brought on, in part, by one of their reporters trolling Facebook to dig for information from teenagers whose mothers might be able to shed more insight on how Cindy McCain is as a mother, and now they’ve got one on Gov. Palin’s $150K wardrobe.

Good to see the NYT out there still covering the heavy issues voters need to be concerned about before the election (insert eye roll here).

I understand, also, that there are some GOPers who are upset over the RNC’s spending on Gov Palin’s wardrobe. With all due respect, I say please – move on. The time spent criticizing how much was paid for Gov. Palin’s suits, hair, and make-up is nothing more than a pointless excercise in self-flagellation. As Ed Morrissey writes here in a follow-up post he did to the one he wrote yesterday, there are double standards at play for male and female public figures in terms of their appearance, and how they look (for better or worse). Ed’s post yesterday made this very relevant point:

Was this a good use of funds for the RNC? They have had more than a $100 million on hand between the campaign and the RNC in September. They spent around 0.15% of that on Palin’s wardrobe. It’s less than they’d pay for a single network-TV spot, and they’ll get more use out of it.

The NYT and other news outlets, of course, are going to spin this story in an attempt to make a mockery of Gov. Palin’s down-home roots and in my opinion it is pointless and fruitless for conservatives to join in on this criticism in any way. We’ve hit the home stretch coming into the final two weeks before election day and there are a ton of big issues out there that need to continue to be addressed and addressed forcefully, issues related to the economy, Obama’s “tax policy,” foreign policy, etc. Rather than beating themselves up over how much was spent on Gov. Palin’s clothes, conservatives need to remain focused on the bigger issues that will impact us for years to come because it’s clear that most of the mainstream media sure as hell have no intentions of following suit. Instead, they’re rather complain about Palin’s suits.


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