How can any conservative sit through Boston Legal?

Boston Legal … without losing it?

I’ve written here before about Boston Legal’s strong left wing bias. In fact, the show can be counted on weekly to “tackle” current events taking place in the world and each time taking whatever position on any given issue that conservatives typically do not. Sprinkle in an unhealthy dose of insults directed towards anyone who would dare to hold a conservative viewpoint, and you’ve got the makings of a liberal fantasy show.

Last night’s show was no exception, and in fact probably eclipsed other conservative-bashing episodes. Kristin Fyfe at Newsbusters, who should be earning some hazard pay for sitting through the show for an hour to recap it, has the details:

The thrust of the storyline was a lawsuit brought by a woman who claimed she was fired from her job because she voted for McCain. As it turns out her Republican boss fired her because he thought she was stupid and based his conclusion on the fact that the woman was an ardent Hillary supporter who voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. A double slam from the left-loving writers of Boston Legal.

The Obama-supporting characters “Alan Shore” and “Shirley Schmidt” played by James Spader and Candice Bergen represented the Hillary/Palin-supporting woman even though they did think she was stupid…for supporting the McCain ticket.


In addition to offending 55 million Americans with this storyline (click here for viewer feedback on Boston Legal’s web site), the show’s writers also took aim at the blogosphere, Dick Cheney, and the American electorate in a monologue delivered by Spader’s character arguing on behalf of his “stupid” client.

“SHORE:” The unassailable right to vote is the core principle of any democracy. And people have the right to cast their ballot for whomever they want– for good reasons or for bad reasons or for no reason at all. Let’s face it, your honor, we as a nation are horribly uninformed when it comes to politics. Approximately one-third of the people in this country, people of voting age, couldn’t tell you the name of our current vice president. Now admittedly, some of us like to block it out, but even so, only two in five adult Americans know we have three branches of government. And Mr. Feldcamp expects his employees to actually know the political issues of the day? Well, today our news programs consist solely of sensational headlines and sound bites. People forgo newspapers for the internet, where instead of relying on credentialed journalists, they turn to these bloggers– sort of entry-level life-forms that intellectually have yet to emerge from the primordial ooze.

This is how we’ve gotten the elected officials we’ve gotten. We’ve never really cared about issues. Come on. We’re more concerned with how Hillary looks in a pantsuit or whether Barack can bowl. We don’t always go for the best or the brightest. We elect the guy we’d most like to have a beer with or the gal we’d most like to feel up in the back of the car. Now I certainly wouldn’t pick my airline pilot that way or my accountant or doctor, but for my president, so often, it’s, “give me the blue-collar, lunch-bucket, good ol’ boy who fits in best at the pancake breakfast.” The problem with Mr. Feldcamp, and forgive me, I hesitate to say this about anybody, but he’s an elitist. […] I realize that’s much worse than being called stupid. […] The message is, we vote for who we like. It’s as simple as that. We don’t need to have a reason. It’s as simple as that. The founding fathers did not form a meritocracy. This is a democracy. We can be as stupid as we choose. We’re Americans. We’re as simple as that.

Um, pot – meet kettle.

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