Rock the Ignorant Vote

If this doesn’t make you want to scream first thing this morning, then nothing will.

Hint: It’s reminiscent of the Howard Stern audio clip where one of his staffers did “man on the street” interviews with people who supported Barack Obama who clearly knew nothing about either of the nominees for president.

Exit question: How do we change this? Stories like this one are extremely frustrating, because there are so many out there, including bloggers, pundits, authors, informed readers, and the rare reporter (usually on Fox News) who write and/or talk about the issues daily in an effort to help people make informed decisions. Yet there is a not so small percentage of people in this country wh don’t bother to get themselves informed because they are supposedly “too busy. Either that, or they rely on misleading information sources that don’t advance the debate due to the fact that those sources don’t aid in educating the reader/listener.

What can you do?

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