Andrew Sullivan’s sick obsession with Sarah Palin’s Trig pregnancy continues

It’s really gotten beyond sick and twisted and has hit the level of borderline psychopathic, more fitting for a primo diarist slot at the Daily Kos than on the pages of the Atlantic. Here’s a sampling of his latest rant:

Actually, the Dish went out and interviewed eight of the leading obstetricians in the country and laid out all the facts of the case and asked the experts for their take. While none would say that this pregnancy could not have happened, and none would comment on a case they hadn’t examined personally, all of them said it was one of the strangest and unlikeliest series of events they had ever heard of and found Palin’s decision to forgo medical help for more than a day after her water broke and risk the life of her unborn child on a log airplane trip to be reckless beyond measure.

The Atlantic is a respectable publication (but not a perfect one, of course) with a hell of a lot of great, insightful writers, and I’m frankly surprised that they’d continue to let Andrew Sullivan continue on this destructive path without some sort of intervention … that is unless they agree with him. Write The Atlantic (scroll) and let them know what you think.

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