Juvenile, revealing behavior continues after “shoe-throwing incident”

Via the Christian Science Monitor: “Shoes flung at Bush flying from shelves” – ba da da da da (to the tune of the McDonald’s theme song) and guess who’s “loving it”?

As I’ve written before, let’s imagine again the howls of outrage we’d have seen from the left had a similar incident have happened with Barack Obama. Let’s also imagine how those of us on the right would have reacted: With the same amount of disgust we have over the incident with the Iraqi “journalist” and President Bush. Sure, there’d be a few jerks on the right who’d “cheer” the actions of the person who threw the shoes, but I have no doubt you would not see the level of praise from the right as you’ve seen from the left – certainly the shoe-thrower would not be treated by the conservative masses as a “hero.”

It’s about a little thiing called “respect,” and while I didn’t support Obama, I respect the office of the presidency, and any loser who denigrates our president (no matter the party) in the fashion Muntazer al-Zaidi did won’t get any accolades whatsoever from me. I’m confident that most of my fellow conservatives would agree.

Once again, class eludes the far left.

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