The latest on the Franken/Coleman contest

Posted by: ST on January 6, 2009 at 7:10 pm

Al FrankenThe Minnesota bloggers over at Power Line remind everyone that the Senate race in their state is not over in spite of the fact that Franken was “declared” the winner yesterday, and argue pursuasively that Norm Coleman has legitimate legal challenges that need to be resolved. Even the liberal Star Tribune supports Coleman’s legal challenges in the interest that every vote is counted.

Unsurprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid disagrees and believes that Coleman should throw in the towel. For whatever you feel about Coleman, and I know there are a lot of conservatives out there who aren’t crazy about him, the embarassment alone of having Al “I like try to physically intimidate people I disagree with” Franken sitting in the US Senate is worth Coleman’s continued persistence, if nothing else. I know Minnesotans are known for sending off the wall figures to serve in government (former pro-wrestler/governor Jesse Ventura comes to mind), but I hope this time around that doesn’t happen.

And just how the hell did they get to this point in the first place? Yeah, I know Coleman’s a weak candidate, but to be neck and neck with Franken? Once upon a time I figured he’d never be popular enough to be appointed dog catcher, much less come thisclose to winning a US Senate seat. Seriously. Is this another example of the ignorance of a certain segment of the American populace or do you think most Minnesotans knew exactly what they were doing when they voted for him?


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3 Responses to “The latest on the Franken/Coleman contest”


  1. Carl says:

    I hate to be pessimistic but the courts that will be deciding the outcome of the Minnesota election between Coleman & Franken are reportedly quite liberal which foreshadows a Franken victory and official declaration. Furthermore, if that does happen, I expect Franken to put his foot in his mouth often enough to cause himself problems but the MSM will try to look the other way and give him a pass. It will take bloggers and alternative media to show Franken for what he is, a buffoon, bully and corrupt as can be.

  2. Carl says:

    Another thought…when Franken is finally in the Senate, I wonder if Obama will appoint him the new head of the FCC or head of the committee to implement the unFairness doctrine? :-?

  3. Lorica says:

    Dingy Harry, is just crazy with power. From the Politico:

    “Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate” Reid told Politico’s Manu Raju. “He lost the election. He can stall things, but he’ll never serve in the Senate.”


    This man is out of control…he is truly scaring me, with his nazi style tactics. – Lorica