Sarah Palin: The verbal hits just keep on comin’

Posted by: ST on July 1, 2009 at 10:00 am

The 2008 elections are long over but apparently some are already gearing up for a potential 2012 run by Palin to write long ad hominem attacks on the Alaska governor, case in point – Todd Purdum in Vanity Fair, who recently wrote a 9,800 word rambling diatribe that played fast and loose with the facts, and contained more personal attacks – including those by disgruntled “former McCain staffers/higher ups” who are now engaged in a nasty public he said/she said battle – than constructive criticisms.

Jim Geraghty wrote a mini-fisking of Purdum’s piece here in a must-read. Bill Kristol wrote a defense of Palin here.

But the morning Palin news round-up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that Andrew Sullivan, a “hero” to many for his tireless Iran election liveblogging, is back to what he does best: slimy, baseless, tabloid-style “speculations” about – you got it – whether or not Trig Palin is really Sarah Palin’s son, or rather Bristol’s – attacks that are better suited for the pages of gossip rags like “Star” and the disgusting “Wonkette” than on the pages of the respected Atlantic magazine.

Bill Jacobson takes on Sully here and provides a list of all the people who’d have to be in on the “conspiracy” to keep Bristol’s alleged “first pregnancy” a secret. Bill- you’ve got a hell of a lot more patience than I, and many others, do.

Meanwhile, check out this great interview of Sarah Palin from Runner’s World and this absolutely adorable pic of the Gov. with her son Trig.

You betcha!

You betcha!

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30 Responses to “Sarah Palin: The verbal hits just keep on comin’”


  1. Ex Liberal says:

    Liberal Motivation? Fear. They fear Palin could be seated as soon as 2012 so attack, attack, attack. Outside of the small left wing whack-a-do club, the American public is just observing and they are beginning to rustle.

    Multiply this degree of fear by a factor of say four and that’s where the majority of centrist folks are with Obama with independents at the very least. I have no idea where the Pug Party is on this as our group concentrates on all the pertinent issues not concerning picking knits by either party.

    One in millions of Ex-Liberals

  2. Joseph Brown says:

    Last time I checked, Sarah Palin is goernor of the state of Alaska. These two dirtbags are…. writers? Wow!
    I ain’t impressed.

  3. Joseph Brown says:

    Honest, I DO know how to spell governor. No, really.

  4. Neo says:

    Besides the plain old “woman hating” on the part of “Excitable Andy,” I feel he has a real kinship with Trig .. the kind you have for “one of your own.”

  5. Brontefan says:

    I knew the McCain camp “threw her to the wolves” during the campaign and McCain’s behavior–comments, etc. —following the election proved to me that he was not about to support Palin for anything. It is only interesting when you consider that Palin was the only shining light in McCain’s campaign. A quick assessment of the interviews they signed her up for during the campaign proved to me that they weren’t out there protecting their VP candidate at all. Because of the way McCain treated her after the election, I sent a donation to Simcox who is out there trying to unseat him in Arizona. Palin is a class act and if you saw John Zeigler’s Media Malpractice, you would understand how the campaign advisors just cut her loose without a safety net. Here she is out there championing McCain’s cause and he couldn’t wait to undercut her. No one during the last election received media coverage that was savage except Palin and this includes the mindless females on the View.

  6. Carlos says:

    If she is serious about a run in 2012, these attacks will only toughen her (and her family) up for it, and by the time the campaigns start really rolling the public will be so tired of the screaming by the wingnuts they may even begin to listen to what she actually has to say.

    As the Obama experiment has shown, no one can exist in the public eye forever without the lies being exposed. In his case it is his lies; in her’s, the medias’ lies.

  7. John Bibb says:

    Sarah Palin was the ROCKET BOOSTER that got John McCain’s campaign “out of stuck in the mud” and flying–he might have won except for the bad economic news and the ACORN vote frauds.
    She was the only real conservative in the race. She learned quickly. She has done a good job as Alaska’s Governor–what other Gov. returned money to the taxpayers when the state negotiated a better deal with the oil companies? What other Gov. is working on new energy sources–gas pipeline to Canada and on to the U.S.A.? Who else “walks the walk” that they talk?
    No wonder the Libs fear her. SARAH’CUDA FOR POTUS–JOHN BOLTON FOR VP.

  8. DaMav says:

    Sarah Palin’s guts, determination, grit, valuesw, and willingness to lead by example keep me a strong supporter of this remarkable woman for higher office.

    She seems to absolutely enrage some people who will say or do anything to try to bring her down. The threat she represents to them is formidable.

  9. DaMav says:

    Palin and Bolton, wow, talk about a dream ticket. There is some real conservative talent out there for 2012.

  10. alchemist says:

    Yeah, I don’t really want to hear about this stuff. Nor do I particularly care.

    As far as I’m concerned, she has Alaska to worry about. If she leaves governorship with an extensive track record of accomplishments, she’s a front-runner (and more power to her).

    If she doesn’t, life moves on.

  11. NC Cop says:

    If she leaves governorship with an extensive track record of accomplishments, she’s a front-runner (and more power to her).

    Good point, I mean, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is qualified in what way again?????

  12. bill glass says:

    think i saw or heard todd purdum is hitched to dee dee myers – small world…how all the washington insiders are hooking up with the media establishment types…someone bring this out into the sunshine – aka the best disinfectant…

  13. Carlos says:

    NC, there’s the, uh, uh, wait, I know, how about…? No, that won’t work, either.

    How much time do we have to work on an answer here?

    The correct answer, of course, is that extensive political administrative experience is required unless one is an extremist leftist Democrat, in which case let’s talk about how a wonderful and charismatic speaker is what’s really important.

  14. Cory says:

    I am amazed at the fire on both sides Governor Palin evokes.

    She is simply running the government of Alaska and doing it well. There are 5 states in the black but only 2 financially solid and that is Alaska & Texas. But the media seems to overlook that fact as they did with the everything about moron in our White House.

    Governor Palin has minded her own business, working hard for Alaska & the US (Exxon & TransCanda Deal) and the media still does nuts.

    The media is truly dead and the most dangerous entity in the world. The put an American & Jew hater in the White House and prefer to report on MJ’s death and other non-news then cover anything about the disaster Øbama.

  15. Great White Rat says:

    If she leaves governorship with an extensive track record of accomplishments, she’s a front-runner (and more power to her).

    Good point, I mean, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is qualified in what way again?????

    Palin had a better track record of accomplishments a year ago than Obama does even now, and that made no difference to alchemist and the rest of the left.

    Carlos nailed it – if you’re a conservative, you need yard-long list of achievements and even then our friends on the left and MSM (sorry – that’s redundant) are dismissive. But if you’re a lib, you need absolutely no qualfications. Although it does help if you have (1) the right family connections (being a Kennedy qualifies you for anything), (2) the right affirmative action qualfications (as in Obama’s case), or (3) tons of money.

  16. Carlos says:

    GWR, I didn’t say His Hollowness had no qualifications. Here’s both the short and the long list: 1) he’s a great speaker (provided he has a teleprompter) and 2) he knows, understands and practices Chicago and Illinois Machine politics.

    Heck, with qualifications like that, who needs real administrative experience? Obviously, about 52% of those who voted in the last election didn’t think any more was necessary!

  17. Leslie says:

    “use me I get stronger . . . I get weaker when you treat me like a queen.”

    –Kristin Hersh, “Stained.” From her CD “Strange Angels.”

  18. alchemist says:

    Palin had a better track record of accomplishments a year ago than Obama does even now, and that made no difference to alchemist and the rest of the left.

    Great! What where they?

    I’ve got:
    Bridge to Nowhere
    Governor of Alaska
    Unfinished pipeline

  19. Carlos says:

    Alchemist, your obviously and obsessively incomplete short list are still more than the “Present” votes of the Chicago Machiner. When are you going to admit the guy is not only clueless, he’s dangerously so?

  20. Lorica says:

    Re-negotiated the oil leases so the citizens of Alaska were given more for their natural resources. Which, she did without help from the old boys club. Which in an of itself is far more than anything Barack has done since he was elected to the US Senate in 2004. Seems to me that Sarah had more and better things in her 2 years of being a Gov. than Barack did in his 4 years in the Senate. Which we now see this serious lack of inexperience screwing up our country. Thanks Again lefties. – Lorica

  21. alchemist says:

    As this devolves into our typical argument, I just wanted to remind you that Palin has to survive the republican primary first. Saying her track record is

    “better than Obama”

    is not going to help her very much in those debates. She’s got 3 years to prove she’s the best republican in the debate. (Only then I’ll worry about comparisons with Obama)

  22. Lorica says:

    Hell according to Wikipedia she is more popular than Barack Obama.

    A poll taken in May 2009 showed Palin’s popularity among Alaskan’s was at 54% positive and 41.6% negative.[67]

    I can’t hardly wait until 2012 when she can finally become our President. – Lorica

  23. Lorica says:

    It devolves because you Alchemist usually leave out something or are in error in some fashion. Saying She is “better than Obama” is proving to be not much of an accomplishment, and I wouldn’t really use that as a 2012 slogan. Which is also a mischaracterization of what I was saying. But I don’t really expect much from you Alchemist. – Lorica

  24. Brontefan says:

    Go Lorica!
    I like your style!

  25. NC Cop says:

    (Only then I’ll worry about comparisons with Obama)

    Translation: “I cannot in any way defend Obama’s qualifications, or lack thereof, compared to Palin’s”

    Thanks for playing “Liberal Doubletalk”!!!

  26. NC Cop says:

    Go Lorica!
    I like your style!

    Lorica ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^:)^

  27. Kate says:

    Oh come on folks….Obama is the greatest community organizer in the history of mankind….he has saved the inner cities……he has been the champion on the under trodden by this valiant present votes…with a single word he can mesmerize the masses and send shivers up the legs of some reporters…man that has to be some great accomplishment doncha think?

  28. Great White Rat says:

    Great! What where they?

    How about actually, successfully, running a state, and a city before that?

    How about rooting out corruption in her own party?

    How about bringing together the government of Canada, the Alaskan oil companies, and the people of her state in an agreement that helps bring much-needed energy to the rest of the country?

    Contrast that with Obama, whose only attempt to run anything (the Annenberg Challenge) wasted $100 million and accomplished nothing. Which is why most of us here weren’t surprised that he’s now wasting trillions and still accomplishing nothing.

    And can anyone picture Obama trying to stop corruption in the Chicago Democrats? The very thought is laughable.

    We see how well his diplomatic skills are working, too. The EU gave him the finger when he laid out his economic plans and asked for help in Afghanistan. He sends Geithner to China to explain his plans and they openly laugh in his face. The ayatollahs responded to his olive branch by redoubling their efforts to become a nuclear power. And he’s doing so well in reducing tensions with North Korea, isn’t he?

    (Only then I’ll worry about comparisons with Obama)

    No you won’t. In 2012, unemployment could be at 20%, gas costing $10 a gallon, inflation through the roof, the Taliban back in charge of Afghanistan, and Iran openly providing al Qaeda with nukes, and you’d still mindlessly vote for Obama. You made excuses for every one of Obama’s shortcomings last year, and I’ll be very surprised if you don’t do it again.

  29. TomStPaul says:

    Palin-Bachmann in 2012!