Sarah Palin: The verbal hits just keep on comin’

The 2008 elections are long over but apparently some are already gearing up for a potential 2012 run by Palin to write long ad hominem attacks on the Alaska governor, case in point – Todd Purdum in Vanity Fair, who recently wrote a 9,800 word rambling diatribe that played fast and loose with the facts, and contained more personal attacks – including those by disgruntled “former McCain staffers/higher ups” who are now engaged in a nasty public he said/she said battle – than constructive criticisms.

Jim Geraghty wrote a mini-fisking of Purdum’s piece here in a must-read. Bill Kristol wrote a defense of Palin here.

But the morning Palin news round-up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that Andrew Sullivan, a “hero” to many for his tireless Iran election liveblogging, is back to what he does best: slimy, baseless, tabloid-style “speculations” about – you got it – whether or not Trig Palin is really Sarah Palin’s son, or rather Bristol’s – attacks that are better suited for the pages of gossip rags like “Star” and the disgusting “Wonkette” than on the pages of the respected Atlantic magazine.

Bill Jacobson takes on Sully here and provides a list of all the people who’d have to be in on the “conspiracy” to keep Bristol’s alleged “first pregnancy” a secret. Bill- you’ve got a hell of a lot more patience than I, and many others, do.

Meanwhile, check out this great interview of Sarah Palin from Runner’s World and this absolutely adorable pic of the Gov. with her son Trig.

You betcha!
You betcha!

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