Waxman: Not supporting Obama’s agenda means you are “against America”

Posted by: ST on July 8, 2009 at 10:25 am


Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who has had an eventful couple of weeks to say the least, believes House Republican opposition to climate change legislation and the stimulus indicates they’re cheering against the good ol’ US of A.

“It appears that the Republican Party leadership in the Congress has made a decision that they want to deny President Obama success, which means, in my mind, they are rooting against the country, as well,” the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman told WAMU radio host Diane Rehm on Tuesday morning, promoting his new book, “The Waxman Report.”

This is just one more in a growing list of examplex of how the oft-used (during the Bush administration) phrase “dissent is patriotic” flew out the window the moment candidate Obama was elected President. This has become a pattern with Waxman, who uttered similar remarks at the end of last month as well over the debate on ObamaCare.

I guess he, and others – like Kruggie – continue to “choose hope over fear.” Er – or something like that.

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  • 53 Responses to “Waxman: Not supporting Obama’s agenda means you are “against America””


    1. arcman says:

      I guess I must be “against” America then. No self-respecting Conservative/Libertarian/Republican should be supporting anything “the One” is proposing.

    2. SpideyTerry says:

      Yeah, you’d never catch Democrats trying to undermine the fight against climate change. They were too busy undermining the fight against terrorism!

      This is so typical. Those that claim to champion free speech to the very end are usually the first to cry foul when they hear something they don’t like.

      Waxman – like so many of his pinhead brethren – is an embarrassment to this country, to this planet and the human race in general (though calling that rabid, mutated troll a human may be giving him too much credit).

      This is just one more in a growing list of examplex of how the oft-used (during the Bush administration) phrase “dissent is patriotic” flew out the window the moment candidate Obama was elected President.

      Why stop there? Waxman is one of those irritating pains that constantly accused Bush of breaking the law and vowed to hold his feet to the fire on everything. Funny how when Obama actually and quite blatantly breaks the law (right, Mr. Walpin?), Waxman is nowhere to be found. I guess he was too busy looking out for his wife.

    3. Carlos says:

      And now the definition of “the country” has become Obama’s programs! Well, whooda thunk?

      I used to think that libs and leftists were simply mindless twits who couldn’t think. No longer. They’re, in general, mindless unthinking twits whose projective personalities will do absolutely anything to blame the problems they create on any target not themselves.

      Exhibit A: Henry Waxman

    4. Luke Taylor says:

      Here is what Hollywood Waxman and all his lefist radicals and Saul Alinsky lovers should have said: “If you are supporting Socialiam then you need to be supporting Hussein Obama.”

    5. neomom says:


      I hate it when posters get all nit-picky, but the Obama agenda can be far more accurately described as Fascist, not Socialist. If he keeps control of the House and Senate after the 2010 elections, Obama will make Mussolini proud.

    6. Xerocky says:

      “Funny how when Obama actually and quite blatantly breaks the law (right, Mr. Walpin?), Waxman is nowhere to be found. I guess he was too busy looking out for his wife.”

      That’s because he’s a partizan hack.

      For the most part, when you argue with a lefty, this is what they do, they take your first point and try to put you in a camp for having said it. I.E. “oh you’re a ditto head” or something along those lines. This leads anyone who may be listening to think that you havn’t thought out your point, but they for the most part never really address the point itself.

      Notice how Waxman and his ilk don’t seem to take much time to explain their votes, or to read what they’ve voted on, they don’t need to bother with that.

    7. Feh. Being against America is nothing when I’m already a traitor to the planet.

      MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! >:)

    8. Buck O'Fama says:

      So Wax-for-brains says its Republican party opposition that’s stifling his desire to destroy save the planet? Can he count? The Dope-o-crats have had a majority in the House all year and now, with the addition of Comrade Frankenstein, are fillibuster-proof in the Senate. So if those dopes really WANT to do something, the Republicans have nothing to say about it. Go ahead, Nostrilitus, pass your effing agenda; let it be on your bald head.

    9. Chester White says:

      Waxman, you deformed freak:

      “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

      Uttered repeatedly by EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT from about 2003 – Jan. 20, 2009

    10. massjim says:

      It is amazing how much the left hates and fears any viewpoint that does not match theirs. What is their next step? A thought CZAR? I nominate Al Gore.

    11. Brontefan says:

      Buck O’Fama . . . actually Democrats have had the majority in Congress since 2006, which is probably why things are so mucked up. I thought flying around the world apologizing for America was a good example of someone who is against America. As a conservative educator, I have endured my share of irrational behaviors and rudeness from Liberals. While one instructor at New Mexico State University had a barrage of hate commentary on the bulletin board outside her office [in the hall for everyone to read/share], my car with a W04 sticker was keyed in the English parking lot. I cannot prove I have ever been refused to re-contract because of my political conservatism; however, I am not popular on most campuses. Liberals have run the academic world for over thirty years and look at the results: if you are a foreign tyrant dictator, you are welcome to speak but if you are a Minuteman who is volunteering to secure our borders because the federal government has clearly “dropped the ball,” you are treated like a criminal. Free speech is for Liberals; for conservatives—they want none of that! Do you see anyone reporting on the TEA PARTIES in a rational journalistic manner? Not on the mainstream news media. Mainstream media replays Janeane Garofalo’s tirade about racism over and over again, to make the point that the people attending the Tea Parties are not really American citizens who are fed up the Washington spending. I am a Vietnam-era veteran and I am not “against America.” I am against this administration’s radical spending spree that is focused not on creating jobs for Americans but on turning Washington office buildings “green.” I am against a government that ignores the citizens in lieu of their own personal agenda–as if we worked for them. I am against massive government take-overs where a select few come out winners. I am against a President who is more interested in his image and being on television than he is about solving the real problems in America—massive governemtn & unemployment.

    12. Sharon says:

      I think there are a lot more who aren’t for the good ol’ USA then as Waxman must not be getting the faxes or information about all the people who are against government spending and raising taxes behind the guise of a new “energy” program. I can’t wait for 2010 as I think there will be a new tune being played.

    13. Shannon says:

      Interestingly, those in the conservative category-pro-lifers, many veterans, etc. are on a Homeland Security watch list. Those promoting good have been branded as evil.

    14. discerning curmudgeon says:

      Go to discoverthenetworks.org and open your eyes; the Socialists(over 100)operating in Congress, the docile/ complaisant attitudes of millions of the masses,and allowing organizations such as the Communist Party/USA to operate within this country doesn’t require a PhD in rocket science to see where this is going…and just WHERE is a major quashing of the hornets that leak from the Trojan horse? Zilch/Nada

    15. John Q. Public says:

      I guess gone are the days of the Democrats who said “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.” Instead we have “Do as I say, not as I do”. What a bunch of feckless cowards.

    16. james says:

      well here it comes again. the selfish special intrest of all the corrupt congressmen and senators. the democrats are lieing to their constichuants.. just like bush did to his own party. take pelosi and feinstein. they are about to find out just how fed up california is with them as arnold. the governor.(while they continue to throw billions of tax-payer money at wars on the backs of the poor and un-employed. the 2010 elections will shake up both partys on both sides of the white-house. nothing but lie,s war, and more killing. there is no hope for america. there is no change.(your all liveing in a corrupt dream world.(tear down the federal reserve) where did all the tarp funds go in the banking system.?there is no republicans or democrats.(the same bankers of jeckel island are controling and buying elections and financeing wars.(creating economic depressions and coups.)like nicaragua, brazil, all curtisey of IMF, world bank,j.p.morgan, chase.

    17. Growler says:

      More proof –as if any were needed– liberalism is a mental disease. Just as alzheimers patients cannot retrieve memory, liberals cannot retrieve reason and are capable of holding strikingly mutually contradictive views simultaneously.

    18. John Nelson says:

      You can not have a battle of with with an unarmed opponent

    19. DJK says:


      What a moron.

    20. Jeanne says:

      It seems no different to me. When Bush was starting a war in Iraq, for no apparent reason, anyone that spoke out against it was labeled anti-American. Anything you said that didn’t totally put you at Bush’s feet was a mortal sin. It was feeling like we were having another witch hunt or red scare in this country. Look what happened to Natalie Maines. Dem or GOP….neither one holds the “pro-American” label. The American people, not the government does.

    21. DJK says:

      Well said, Bronte!

    22. wheel says:

      I myself am getting really weary with these winey politicians. What ever happened to to the inteligence of our reps. It used to be they banged heads with stats and facts, now they whine like children. “You don’t want to vote for my bill cause you don’t like my friends.” what is in the water?

    23. Eugnics says:

      Paraphrase: Patroism is the last refuge of dictators.

    24. Dave says:

      If this is how these people in government think of us “the people” then count me in as against them BUT NOT against America.. I am willing to fight them to preserve my freedom and the Constitution at ANY COSTS !! BRING IT ON !! This is enough lunacy already. Whatever happened to the Constitution of the US of A? Seems like they (those in power) are willing to go against it or manipulate it at every turn to hold on to and expand their TEMPORARY powers which means that THEY ARE THE ENEMY of the State. Signing unread/open ended bills, assigning CZARS to bypass congressional powers and only answer to one man.. Using Executive Powers to impose his rule without prior confirmation or verification of facts just because ‘He feels like it and he won’..Who made BHO king all of the sudden? Last I checked we are still a Republic. THIS IS TYRANNY in the highest order. ENOUGH ALREADY !!

    25. Micky says:

      This isn’t a surprise. This was predicted and it came true. Fascism is what it is. And that means they are fascists who support socialism. Of course, I can’t think of a country where socialism is not forced on the people through law. Its the only way it can happen, because people do not just submit to it.

    26. Roxan says:

      Yes, I was wondering myself what racism had to do with tea party protests. Taxes (especially without any real representation) is not a racist issue and heck, this could be an issue in any nation, regardless of race. Look at Zimbabwe. That nation is supposed to be practically the bread basket of Africa and its economy has been devastated. Argentina suffered greatly. Anybody remember the Weimar Republic of Germany? And look at countless other nations in bad shape too. Taxes and bad economies aren’t a racist issue.

    27. Alan Benway says:

      Actually, neomom has it mostly right. In spite of decades of left-communist propaganda since 1935 to the contrary, the “liberals” here (who no longer know who they really are) are left-fascist. There is no such thing as a ‘right-wing fascist’. It is a contradiction in terms. The Pragmatist and Progressive movements of the late 1800’s created a theology generally called socialism. From this Marxist pool were spawned two very similar ideologies – communism (internationalists) and fascists (nationalists). Both hate Christianity, capitalism (even though leftist history books try to depict Hitler as a Christian – his own words prove otherwise) and truth. All leftists subscribe to Mussolini’s statement of “Truths are lies, and lies are truths”. In August 1986, Time magazine admitted this on their editorial page. You see this in the 94% of the media that is “progressive” every day.

      What were known as “progressives” here in the early 1900’s were known as fascists in Europe. (Read “Liberal Fascism for a very deep recounting of this history). Hitler and Mussolini modeled a lot of their programs after what their role model Wilson (And later FDR) tried to do or was able to accomplish. They were very complimentary of their ‘fellow fascist visionaries’ in their state run media. So much so that FDR asked them to stop talking him up as Americans were becoming aware that “progressive” and “fascist” were one in the same.

      Obama is the fourth wave of fascism here:

      1 – Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson (a genuine dictator who created a reign of terror here)
      2- FDR and Truman (FDR resurrected the Wilsonian fascist state and was equally a terror – his Blue Eagle program being a good example)
      3- JFK and LBJ, who tried to re-energize the FDR version of Wilsonian fascism (LBJ being the worst)
      4- Clinton and Obama (with Hillary being the die hard 1920’s brand of fascist, along with Obama)

      Stalin stated using fascist as a ‘dirty word’ in 1935 when Hitler and Mussolini mocked him and his ideas. To Stalin (and the Communist International), everyone who opposed him was a right-winger, and a fascist. Fascists are a tad to the right of communists, but still 90% left-of-center. There have always been great tensions between communists and fascists – even though they are ‘kissing cousins’.

      Obama has been following the path of Wilson’s takeover (his “100% Americanism”) very closely. This ideology is exactly the opposite of the Constitution and what the Founders intended and what most Americans believe.

      The creation of the Second Amendment (a key element to ratification of the Constitution by most states) was based on the realization that evil ideologies could force their way into control of the Federal Government (a virtual creation by the States, dissolvable at any time by these same states). The Second was designed to allow regular citizens (the ‘militia’ of those days) the right to own any types of military grade arms they desired and it also conferred upon them the implicit responsibility to wage civil war when an anti-Constitutional evil took power. This is massively documented in the papers of the Founders. We are approaching that point. Millions of us have been stocking up on guns and ammo since November, which is why it is so hard to find anything in gun stores or ammo on the internet. Supply lags far behind on-going demand. It has nothing to do with ‘fear that Obama will take away our guns’, but everything to do with being prepared.

    28. Oops says:

      Once again, on behalf of the state of California, I apologize.

    29. More Cowbell says:

      Wow, I don’t where to start. I guess I have to say thank you. I stumbled across your site. It is so nice to see the Anointed One openly criticized on an other than Fox News website. The Cap & Trade, Stimulus 1, Omnibus Spending, and soon to be Stimulus 2 is the equivalent of driving over a cliff. It’s scary, but not a major problem until you hit the bottom. I am proposing a Solution similar to the Million Man March, but it needs to be a 10 Million+ Man/Woman March. An organized Militia bearing Arms with Minutemen from all 50 States, in Washington with Shotguns. Peaceful but by force to Evict 535 Congressional Members. By a cause of unfair taxation, spending, and misrepresentation, We the People, will tell them all to leave, to pack their trash, to take their assistants, their concubines and their cronies. We will then nominate all new reps and senators form the Militia Crowd to be elected verbally on site, at the Rally. We will repeal many recent blunders by this inept Congress. We will enact Term Limits for everyone in every public office for a maximum of 8 years, including Supreme Court Justices, and all other Federal Judges. We will Auction off Nancy Pelosi’s jet. We will require all congressmen to pay into the Social Security System, and we will repeal their Pensions, Health Plans and all other payments for their prior service will be suspended indefinitely. We will send a Militia Team to Hawaii to unlock the Vault to find Obama’s Birth Certificate and authenticate it. He is already in another Country Now, so we will refuse him re-entry into the US since he lied about his birth, and if he does return, he will be incarcerated. We will Abolish Acorn. We will not use tax payer dollars for abortions. We will realize that the the earth is in a Cooling cycle, that global economics is more important today than global warming, and we will burn the Cap & Trade Bill on the Steps of the Capital Building. We will recoup all bailout & stimulus monies by force if necessary. Unions will not receive one single share from GM or Chrysler. The Hummer Brand will be only manufactured for US troops, and will not be sold to China or anyone else. We will defend the Israelis, Japan and South Korea until the Cows come home, with Nuclear Weapons if Necessary. We will apologize to NO ONE EVER, for anything we have done or anything we may do. We will make No Promises that we can not keep. We will honor our Military, use them to clean up the streets of our Country and rid this land of Gangs, Illegal Immigrants, and Criminals that prey on the innocent.

    30. Alton says:

      So the left is as morally and intellectually bankrupt as the right? Tell me something I didn’t know. All politicians are nothing more than leeches. The left/right divide is simply a diversion for the ignorant masses. They are all scoundrels out to steal our money and people are so up in arms shouting down ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ that no one notices that they are all thieves and liars.

    31. kat says:

      Waxman doesn’t know what a true American is. A true American allows FREE SPEECH from anyone, INCLUDING those who oppose them. If he is going to break the LAW and deny EVERYONE in this country the freedom to speak our minds, then he needs to leave this country and go to Iran where they just may do to him what he wants to do to those of us who are the true Americans. This isn’t quite as bad as Qbama’s three ‘hit’ lists. One is red, one is blue, the other is yellow. People on the red list are those who go to church, have a belief in Gos, are against abortion, pro-gun ownership, may say anything against Obama, pro-family with man and woman as husband and wife, the far, far, far, right, any religious tendencies. The people on the red list are considered “terrorists”, those who need to be dealt with first. Anyone on the blue list can wait until later. Those on the yellow list don’t need to worry about yet. Does this make anyone out there feel any safer? For some reason, I had a sense that something like this was going to happen when Obama was elected President. One, he was not born in this country, therefore the election is illegal. Two, Why are the muslims doing everything they can to keep anyone from finding out that he is Muslim? Did he REALLY convert to Christianity? If so, why haven’t the muslims tried to kill him? In the Koran any muslim who converts to another religion has a price put on his head and so needs to stay in hiding so as not to be able to be found. Every ex-muslim knows that every time they show up in public that their lives are in danger. If this seems like I’m Anti-Islam, no, it’s in the Koran, Check for yourself. I have.

    32. Moderate says:

      “It appears that the Republican Party leadership in the Congress has made a decision that they want to deny President Obama success”

      Isn’t this a matter of differing interpretations? While everyone here seems to agree that Waxman’s statement reflected the liberals’ aversion to dissent, it seems to me that he was referring to people like a certain conservative political commentator who hoped for Obama’s failure in the context of economic policy. Obviously, if the economic policy fails, the entire country is in deep shit, regardless of political affiliations. It seems possible that the statement was a reaction to these kinds of situations.

    33. Great White Rat says:

      Jeanne turns up the nonsense dial to Eleven:

      Anything you said that didn’t totally put you at Bush’s feet was a mortal sin.

      I guess you were in a coma or drug-induced haze during the Immigration Reform debate. Or when Harriet Miers was named to the SCOTUS. Or when the proposed UAE ports deal was announced. MANY of us opposed Bush on all of these.

      And if you’re specifically referring to Iraq, there’s a good reason we called you unpatriotic: you wanted America to lose. And before you start denying it, do a quick google search for the antics of your side during those years. You might try zombietime.com for starters. You’ll find scores of pictures of your fellow leftists cheering on Saddam and al Qaeda.

      On the other hand, we who oppose Obama want his plans – which we know are bad for America – to fail. You and Waxman think that Obama=America. Now I know you worship Dear Leader, but he is NOT the same as America.

      There’s a second reason why our criticisms are sensible, and your are hysterical shrieks: ours are based on principles, yours are based on nothing more than political self-interest.

      We argue against budget-busting, whether Bush or Obama does it. As mentioned above, we opposed an Amnesty plan for illegals under Bush, and I can promise you we will do likewise when Obama gets around to his version. We don’t care who the president is: if he’s doing something wrong, we oppose it.

      You leftists, on the other hand, don’t know whether you support or oppose a plan until you find out whose plan it is. The proof? Look at Iraq today. Obama has figured out that Bush had it right all along and is staying with the Bush plan. So why aren’t you “peace activists” out in the streets with “Obama = Hitler” signs? Simple – now that Obama is in office, anything he does is just fine to his mindless, sheep-like supporters.

      You’re welcome. Now please go back under your bridge. The adults are having a discussion here.

    34. ruralcounsel says:

      Waxman. [Sigh] He is so wrong in so many ways that it really isn’t worth the effort of trying to counter his inane spoutings. Though I appreciate those of you here who have taken up the gauntlet. I’ve grown tired and impatient with trying to speak sense to people who lack any.

      Suffice to say, I wouldn’t piss on the guy or his apologists if they were on fire, unless I’d been drinking gasoline. The more he blats, the more clearly I see the coming train wreck, as stubborn independence refuses to step aside for disguised nanny-statism. The country is broken beyond repair.

    35. Ron Russell says:

      As usual Henry Waxman is wrong again, opposing the alien agenda of “The One” is patriotic and “All American”.;)

    36. Carlos says:

      “…it seems to me that he was referring to people like a certain conservative political commentator who hoped for Obama’s failure in the context of economic policy…”

      I rarely waste time on tepidness, but I can’t let this one go. If you had listened to what that “certain conservative political commentator” actually said, or better yet, had taken the time to research it on the web, you might have discovered that he stated very clearly that he did not want the president to fail, he wanted his socialist policies to fail. You know, the ones that punish producers and reward failures?

      “Moderate” is just another word that means “I don’t have the guts to make a decision and stand by it until I see which way the wind’s blowing.”

    37. Carlos says:

      “Dissent is patriotic” now equals “Dissent is racist”.

      One wonders how in the name of Heaven His Hollowness could ever have been elected, until one considers the likes of Waxman, Pelosi, Schumer, Kennedy, Reid, etc., etc., and realizes they’ve all had multiple terms. Their collective economic I.Q. might equal the pinhead hat sizes they wear. With an informed and gullible electorate like that what else can one expect?

    38. Lorica says:

      for no apparent reason,

      Jeanne, you call 500,000 people dying to this man’s whims “for no apparent reason”?? The use of Chemical Weapons, a Weapon of Mass Destruction, on the civilian population of Iraq “for no apparent reason”?? The attack of 5 of it’s neighboring states, “no apparent reason”?? Breaking of the surrender agreement, “no apparent reason”?? Bribery, rape, murder, harboring terrorists, all “no apparent reasons”??? How blind are you, that is my question??

      Look what happened to Natalie Maines.

      You mean the same Natalie Maines who apologized for her stupid comment?? Did Bush have ANYTHING to do with the backlash that came upon her for saying what she said?? No Jeanne, he did not, what happened is, that her customers, were unhappy with supporting someone, who only wanted to cater to stupid opinion to gather more money, we call that greed, and didn’t give a squat about them. Same thing happens in the world everyday. She is a business, and when her customers decided they didn’t want to fund her radical viewpoints they stopped supporting it. On that day, and with that comment Natalie showed the real person she is, and people decided they did not want to support it any longer. Talk about flawed logic. You are willing to take away the right of the people to voice their unhappiness, but yet want to blame someone else for the reason the people are unhappy. Does that actually make sense to you?? – Lorica

    39. Jo says:

      Freedom of speech for those who disagree with His Hollowness is already being squashed. I sent an e-mail to several people on my contact list disagreeing with Obama’s statements that America is no longer a Christian nation and then, a few weeks later, that actually, America could be considered a Muslim nation because of the Muslim population here. Within three hours of sending it, I received a letter from David Axelrod for which you need to subscribe (I did not) with a link to Obama’s speech in Cairo and stating in part that we could either choose to embrace and accept the peace loving Muslims living in our midst or continue the animosity against them. Is the leftist/Fascist/Socialist/Communist party watching us? You bet they are. Waxman is just another idiotic ranting ant in the colony.

    40. MissJean says:

      I had to search to figure out who Natalie Maines is. From the talk, I thought she was a woman running a business that was boycotted. But she’s an entertainer whose band continues to kill the earth with their huge carbon footprint of buses, airplanes, stage lights, etc. – not to mention the energy consumed with every video production! :( Better that her career die and the Earth live!!!

      On topic: Rep. Waxman is just trying to drum up bipartisan support for his favored legislation. “Reaching across the aisle” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. To Waxman, evidentally it means reaching across the aisle to pummel those kids who won’t give up their lunch money.

      Consensus = Patriotism = Peace.

    41. Lorica says:

      Miss Jean, the whole thing with Natalie Maines is she opened her mouth to be disrespectful to President Bush in front of an London audience. By the time she got back to the US, people were very upset with her and radio stations stopped playing her music. People were throwing out her CDs, and there was alot of anger. Well the bb brains on the left continue to believe that the Bush administration planned all of this backlash.

      Well Natalie after a few months of trying to justify what she said, finally apologized to President Bush, who accepted. When things didn’t turn around for her financially, she got mad and eventually took back her apology telling the world that she didn’t mean it at the time she gave it. Which makes her what exactly??

      As far as this topic goes. Waxman is only saying this garbage to get attention. All this is about his need for attention. Look at Me, I am Henry Waxman a Democrat, and I need some attention. Such a whiney little boy.

      Now can we get back to the Michael Jackson coverage?? He still might rise from the grave, don’t cha know. – Lorica

    42. Carlos says:

      “Which makes her what exactly?”

      Lorica, what it makes her is exactly as believable as the prez she’s undoubtedly in love with.

    43. dredgenric says:

      Silly me, I thought America was still a two party system. And as Americans we had a right to have or own opinions. I am glad Brown Nose has cleared this up.
      Well then let’s get on board and destory everything that has made Amercia so great. While we are at it lets spend some more money and move every man, woman,and child in the US back to France. After all that would be the best for the enviroment. It would eleminate this huge carbon footprint we are making. In fact Congress,Senate, and Obama should move there ahead of us and make sure they take down the missle shields first. Don’t dissagree with Obama let’s help him get what he wants.

    44. Carlos says:

      Heck, they could probably reduce the nation’s “carbon footprint” (whatever that really means) by at least 15% by eliminating all the hot gasses emanating from D.C.