CBS figures out Obama’s hollow calls for “bipartisanship”

CBS veteran journalist Mark Knoller reports today at the Political Hot Sheet blog the real meaning behind President Obama’s calls for “bipartisanship” going forward (via Memeorandum):

Unannounced, President Obama took to the lectern in the White House briefing room today to give a personal readout of his meeting earlier with congressional leaders of both parties.

“Despite the political posturing that often paralyzes this town, there are many issues upon which we can and should agree, he said.

It was more a plaintive plea than a political observation. His top legislative priorities are going nowhere and he’s searching for a way to get them out of lockup.

In this 13th month of his presidency, he’s anxious to pass a jobs bill and be seen addressing an unemployment rate that only last week declined from double digits. And his efforts to enact bills on energy, financial regulatory reform and especially health care are stuck in Congress despite the solid majority his party holds in both chambers.

He’s appealing for a spirit of bipartisanship – urging Democrats and Republicans alike “to put aside matters of party for the good of the country.”


What these [past and present] presidential appeals for bipartisanship always mean is: do it my way.

Mr. Obama said he “won’t hesitate to embrace a good idea from my friends in the minority party.” But he wants his way. He wants his energy policy enacted along with his jobs bill, his financial regulatory reform and his health care plan.

And if the opposition continues to block his objectives, he said he “won’t hesitate to condemn what I consider to be obstinacy that’s rooted not in substantive disagreement but in political expedience.”

When a sitting president calls for bipartisanship by the opposition – he really means surrender. And if they block his proposals, its “obstinacy” and not political views they hold as strongly as he holds his.

That’s true to a certain extent, but what Knoller doesn’t mention is the fact that Barack Obama’s entire presidential candidacy, more so than anyone else’s in modern history, was built on being an “agent of change,” a “bipartisan leader” who will “work with both sides” to get things done. Of course, close examinations at the time of his short time in the US Senate proved that to be a gross exaggeration (I’m being charitable) of the ‘facts’ but that didn’t stop his supporters both on the ground and in the mainstream press from pushing onward, gleefully and blindly paving the way for the first “articulate, clean” black President of the United States, both because they thought he was a “cool” and “sexy” liberal and, in the case of the MSM, also because they knew the election of the first black POTUS would be a cash cow for their struggling industry.

Judgment to MisleadIn fact, prior to Scott Brown’s upset win over Martha Coakley for the seat formerly held for decades by the late Ted Kennedy, the last six months or so of the year you rarely ever heard President Obama talk about “bipartisanship” and “working together” as you did during the first half of his term. The mask, it appeared, was slowly but surely crumbling off the face of the image he and his handlers had carefully constructed and projected for the last 3 years in attempts to deceive the voting public into thinking he was something he was not: An accomplished “bipartisan” leader and uniter – a healer. Then, his poll numbers started to tumble and Scott Brown became Senator-elect Scott Brown – effectively meaning Obama had lost his supermajority in the Senate, and as a result the mask started being rebuilt as President Obama was forced to concede that the American people were growing tired of both hollow rhetoric and expensive promises whose checks would have to be cashed by Average Joes in the middle of a jobless “recovery.”

But while the mask is still being carefully crafted all over again by the Axelturf/Rahmbo/Fibbs axis, with the President dutifully making meaningless, contradictory speeches and gestures on the issue of “working across the aisle,” let’s hope and pray that the American people will continue to open their eyes wider to see through these vain, bogus attempts at reinventing himself as a uniter, as normally reliably leftist MSM outlets like CBS finally, gradually appear to be doing.

The happy, fluffy promise of “hope and change” and a “new tomorrow” mesmerized into a prolonged drunken stupor a sizeable chunk of the American populace in 2008. More and more people are now realizing, though, that the party’s over and that the guest of honor was overpriced and overhpyed, and that it’s time to clean up the mess that both he and his party pals continue to make.

November cannot come soon enough.

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