Wacko Sean Penn: Chavez critics should be jailed

Posted by: ST on March 8, 2010 at 10:49 pm

Once an idiot, always an idiot:

First Amendment be damned . . . If Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn had his way, any journalist who called Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez a dictator would quickly find himself behind bars.

Penn, appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, defended Chavez during a segment in which he detailed his work with the JP Haitian Relief Organization, which he co-founded.

“Every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it, and accept it” said Penn, winner of two Best Actor Academy Awards. “And this is mainstream media, who should — truly, there should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies.”

It was just the beginning of a busy weekend for Penn. When asked on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” about those who question his motives for his humanitarian work in Haiti, he said:

“Do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah. You know, but I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it.”

Go to prison? For lies? If that was the case, this dumba$$ Hollyweirdo would be locked up for life.

You can read more of the relevant part of the transcript via Tim Graham. If you can stomach it, here are video clips from the Maher show in question: clip 1, clip 2, and clip 3.

Rhymes with Right has a great suggestion:

Tell you what, Sean – why don’t you head down to Venezuela or Cuba and stay there. After all, they already have the sort of press-responsibility statutes you speak of – journalists regularly go to jail for offending the government in Cuba, and the Venezuelan DICTATOR has shut down opposition media.

Not to mention that a Spanish judge is alleging that the Chavez government – alongside the ETA and FARC – was involved in a plot to kill Colombia President Álvaro Uribe and other Colombian officials during previous visits to Spain.

Anyone else with me on launching a nationawide fundraiser to help pay for a one way ticket to Venezuela for Jeff Spicoli?

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24 Responses to “Wacko Sean Penn: Chavez critics should be jailed”


  1. Ryan says:

    Useful idiot.

    This clown would have praised Stalin.

  2. Sefton says:

    ST – It may take a day or two to raise all the money we need for three one way tickets; Penn, Glover and Oliver Stone.
    Over/Under odds on how long it takes for them to realize they may have cashed some foolhardy checks with their mouths?

  3. Carlos says:

    Let’s see: Nationalized the oil fields? Check. Shut down opposition media? Check. Has an ungodly amount of political prisoners? Check.

    Yep. Sounds like a real nice guy really concerned about the ability of his citizens to live free.

    And the First Amendment? Just the blatherings of some old white men that presented a danger to the government then and presents a danger to the government now.

    Penn is such a piece of pig dung. Just like his heroes.

  4. Shifty Jack says:

    I guess when Penn decided to stick his head up his ass, he just wanted to go for broke.

  5. Navy2 says:

    It has long been an unofficial secret that Chavez has blackmail on several Hollywood types (Spacey, Penn, etc.) I heard whispers of cameras in hotels. I could be wrong, but it explains it. . .

  6. Tom TB says:

    He should move there, and make a movie for the great leader. The entire operation will be supervised by Chavez’s “Department of Propaganda”, and will edit the scripts, select the actors, determine what and how much food and drink they can have, and there will be no on-set trailers; all comrades will stay in a communal dorm. Red will be worn at all times, and communications will be monitored!

  7. Jo says:

    Why is it that actors and actresses think that their skewed, ridiculous, far-left-liberal-loony political views should matter to thinking Americans? Actors are, after all like the court jesters of the olde world. Just entertain PORTRAYING OTHER PEOPLE and shut the hell up about your loony, stupid beliefs. Remember when Clinton had Ted Danson as an advisor when he was married to Whoopi Goldberg (sp)?

    Sean Penn, go to Cuba or go directly to hell, I don’t care which.

  8. your mama says:

    Wackos Sean Penn and Bill Maher should both be jailed for stupidity.

  9. LOL, Sefton. Good point. Penn’s not the only Hollyweird blowhard I’d like to send to Venezuela on a one-way ticket.

  10. Paul says:

    Chavez is a thug and Penn is a gullible fool !

  11. Kate says:

    Just another day in Hollywood….they speak in tongues to each other that we can’t understand…so just remember their skewed realm of reality is a part of a parallel universe, so Chavez just couldn’t be a dictator. Alice in Wonderland time…..

    We should all feel sorry for the misguided fools! The only reason they have a microphone in front of their face is because the MSM has allowed it and made them into beings of unparalleled fame, which due to their inherent character flaws, always shows up in dumb remarks like Penn’s. They know it, that’s why they are all in therapy or rehab of some kind.

  12. Great White Rat says:

    “Every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it, and accept it”

    So according to this idiot, once someone is elected, they can’t become a dictator? :o

    So I suppose all those history books that refer to Hitler as a dictator are wrong. I mean, after all, Hitler was elected, so using the Sean Penn standards, he wasn’t a dictator. Oh, and anyone who says he was ought to be in jail.

    Same thing for Kim Jong Il. Hell, he won something like 115% of the vote in the last “election”.

    Either that, or Sean Penn is weapons-grade stupid.

  13. Drider says:

    What people shouldn’t spend energy on is poser communists within our borders who think their good life would go on as usual, should their tyranical ideologies come to fruition.

    Now lets focus on this Obamacare now that he is out there pounding away at the big lies on a daily basis in trying to shove this inane garbage down our throats against our will.

  14. Tex says:

    Sean! Baby! Go to Colombia and try to preach your political views about your dream leader Chavez there. I’m sure you’ll go over big there with those people in Colombia who have been brutalized and terrorized for decades by the Communist/Narco Army that Chavez has been bankrolling trying to take over their country by force – not through elections.

    P.S. You might want to take a couple of Blackwater guys with you. Just a thought.

    P.P.S. Just to let you know Sean, I just had my colonoscopy last week and no sign of rectal cancer.

    P.P.P.S. And Sean, baby! I was wondering how many of those poor Haitians you are going to be bringing back to live with you in one of your many lavish, large mansions around the U.S.?

  15. Venezuelan girl says:

    I guess Chavez gives Sean free drugs or… dunno… oil? both are crazy and stupid… oh an chavez is a dictator!!… ohhh nooo im going to jail now o_O he should mind his own busines, people in Venezuela go away with murder on a daily bases and he thinks people like me should go to jeail for calling him dictator?… i call him worst stuffs everyday, specially when there is no energy in my house 3 days a week, water in my city 2 days a week and most of the basic food in every venezuelan’s fridge just becase he is the worst president ever, people die everyday in hands of the police who are corrupted, kidnaping is normal in most families and so on… he drove my beautiful country into a hell with no exit door (cause its very hard to get out of here for many reasons…)

    So yes, I call him a dictator everyday…

  16. Venezuelan girl says:

    plus.. its awfuly ironic since chavez always says how much he hates USA and all americans… but he is best friends with this wacko… there goes his credibility

  17. Per Kurowski says:

    Sean Penn´s idol hugo chavez loves the poor so much he sells gas to those with cars for 8 cents of a US dollar per gallon and thereby rob the poor with around 10 percent of GDP . Is this not better called asocialism?


  18. Sean Penn, Danny Glover and many other Hollywood “artists” and directors like Oliver Stone used to come to Venezuela to receive dollar checks from our dictator Hugo Chavez.You can google it and find for your selves if its true what I’m saying. I am from Venezuela and we are sick of it. These Hollywood weirdo’s came to my country in order deal with the dictator how they will serve as propaganda for the Communist party of Chavez.

  19. Taliesin says:

    I wonder too how much money Chavez has given and is still giving Penn in exchange for his half witted propaganda. It is truly amazing that not only do we have to suffer idiots in goverment and the media, but also must put up with the ignorance of some who believe that making movies gives the right to give opinions about issues they know nothing about. Please help me boycott his movies, on video, TV or theather. He does not need the money, Chavez obviously pays much better that any Hollywood studio, and he may be beyond caring about his career too, who knows..However, little as it may be, boycotting his movies might MIGHT show him that people have had enough of his irresponsible comments, his irrational behaviour, and his half witted comments.

  20. Sean Penn, Danny Glover and many other Hollywood “artists” and directors like Oliver Stone used to come to Venezuela to receive dollar checks from our dictator Hugo Chavez.You could Google it and find for your selves if its true what I’m saying.

    Google: “Hugo Chavez to Finance Danny Glover Movies”

    I’m from Venezuela and we are sick of it. These millionaire Hollywood leftist weirdo’s came to my country in order negotiate with the dictator how they will serve as international propaganda for the Communist party of Chavez.

    It is just a business: The communist and terrorist dictator Chavez gives them money and they use their “popularity” to make pro Chavez-communist propaganda.

    I think USA’s government should take this more seriously because the dictator Hugo Chavez do support terrorist groups like the Colombian guerrillas FARC and ETA, and he is a very close friend of Iranian Dictator Admadineyab

  21. yr says:

    These guys will ONLY have credibility when they move to Venezuela and attempt to live like the majority of middle class citizens do: no water, no electricity, no food, no freedom, (no friends of Chavez)…it is easy to like anyone when you are living a comfortable life in a mansion in a country where you are free to be anything you want, including a BIG IDIOT and IGNORANT, but move down there and be afraid of walking out of your house because you can be kidnapped; live in a city that sees 40 violent deaths every weekend… SHUT UP Penn and all those other ignorant people that love Chavez. He’s a terrorist against his own people.

  22. The Shadow says:

    Sean Penn is an arrogant d*ck. He doesn’t have the brains for literature or politics. He just doesn’t get it. They should take that Oscar and shove it up his a**.

    I hope Gays aren’t fooled bu his pandering. He did Milk for the wrong reasons. Just listen to what he’s saying and you can tell he’s an opportunistic pr*ck.

  23. Shadow, I agree with ya, but next time would you watch the language, please? Thanks :)