Should black people feel “uncomfortable” on majority white NBDNC/MSDNC, too?

Posted by: ST on April 16, 2010 at 2:44 pm

This has absolutely got to be the video of the week:

Here’s the recap, via Brent Baker at the MRC:

“There aren’t a lot of African-American men at these events,” NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell, a white woman, told Darryl Postell, a black man at a Tea Party rally held Thursday in Washington, DC, pressing him, in an exchange she chose to include in her NBC Nightly News story, to address her prejudiced assumptions: “Have you ever felt uncomfortable?” Postell rejected her loaded premise that race must divide Americans: “No, no, these are my people, Americans.”

O’Donnell’s story noted “skepticism over how the Tea Party is judged and labeled,” letting an attendee assert: “We’re not racists, we’re not any of the above that people claim us to be. We’re ordinary citizens that love our country, and we’re fighting for it.” O’Donnell soon wondered if it all may peter out, asking a man in the crowd: “Do you think this has enough energy to really last to November and to make a difference?”

Over on ABC, Jonathan Karl highlighted how “many of them blamed us, the news media.” A woman demanded: “We want honesty from you. We want fair time from you. We want you, the media, to represent all the people, not just a certain portion of the people.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Obama administration’s preferred network NBDNC/MSDNC has played the race card against Obama opponents. Remember the cheap shot cropped video they ran about alleged white wannabe presidential “assasins” bringing guns to ObamaCare town halls, where they cropped out of the video the head of the black man carrying the gun to prove their “point”? And then there was this November Hardball w/ Chris Matthews segment:

The attacks on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took an interesting turn Wednesday when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews suggested that racism is at the heart of her support.

Much like mainstream media coverage of this year’s Tea Parties, Matthews and “Hardball” guests Norah O’Donnell and Salon’s Joan Walsh made an issue of how “white” the crowd was at a Palin book signing event in Michigan.

“This is a largely white — almost no minorities in this crowd,” reported MSNBC’s O’Donnell live from the scene.

Matthews reiterated, “Well, they look like a white crowd to me,” later claiming, “I think there is a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, white vs. other people.”

Er, yeah. Sort of like the gang at … MSDNC.

I swear, sometimes the race-baiting “white folks” at NBDNC/MSDNC just make it too easy.

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6 Responses to “Should black people feel “uncomfortable” on majority white NBDNC/MSDNC, too?”


  1. Carlos says:

    Projection. It can’t be said too many times. The way they know they would behave is projected into how they view the opposition, therefore making (in their minds, what little is left of their minds) them racist. And automatically making the leftists racist.

    The one additional thing I would say is that they (the libs/leftists/statists) really are racists because they know in their heart of hearts that most minorities aren’t capable of achieving normal business, economic, social and educational goals without help from them, and that attitude is as racist as anyone standing on a sidewalk screaming racial epithets.

  2. Robert says:

    By far the vast majority of white racists in this country are liberals and ‘rats that like to believe minorities cannot get ahead without their enlighted patronage. They love the feeling of superiority they get from ‘helping’ minorities, who they secretly feel are inferior to them. How can I know this? Because if they don’t know you, and you let them think you are one of them, they will sometimes let their guard down and tell you. I’ve been hearing it from them for more than twenty years.

  3. Kate says:

    During the DC rally some “crashers” had a WHITE SHEET with the slogan, DEFEND OBAMA, END WHITE SUPREMACY (or something to that effect). My 16-year-old daughter thought we should go over and tell them to EAT SH*T. Of course, I politely told her that is not what we were told to do. Later, a woman called a few of us with signs to come over and “surround” these folks. Okay, that is all my kid needed to hear. We went and stood politely in front of their slogan. I said to one of the Kids holding up the sheet. You know I pray for President Obama everyday, after all he is in authority over us. To my surprise a guy with a microphone jumps in front of me and asked me. What do you pray for. I said, Wisdom. Then he proceeded to ask few more questions. I told him, that I am 54 and I grew up in the era of civil rights. I told him these kids have no idea what they are doing here and they have no idea how they are diminishing all the great things that have happened in this country for anyone of any color. I got a lot of support from those with me. The young fellow with the microphone stated he was from South Carolina radio network.

    I was also asked a few questions by a young woman from CNN radio…she was very polite and said she had wanted to cover the tea party movement since last year and finally has a chance to see what’s going on. She asked how things had changed, if at all, and a few other questions. Overall, very polite and respectful. In the middle of her questions some rowdy kids showed up with silly signs like, “I have a sign” etc. They were sort of funny. I told her they must be some kind of flash mob…she laughed and agreed that they seemed out of place and quite goofy. I am not sure what they are going to do with all this information. A few of the other people in our group were also interviewed, by USA Today, and even a couple of young Italian fellows who were making a little documentary on the tea party. They too were very interested and polite. Asking questions that were not leading or meant to give them a “gotcha” moment.

    Perhaps this is an indicate that the media is playing catch-up.

  4. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    Robert, I tend to agree with you. It’s the people with that elitist mentality..I call it the ‘let them eat cake mentality’, who feel they are the only ones who can affect positive change. And when things go awry with these progressive thinkers, they cannot understand. ‘But I helped you’ is their lament. Indeed they did, but with a condescending intent, in many cases.

    Wow Kate! Way to go!

  5. Sarah says:

    Kate, the MSM IS playing catch-up on this one. They ignored the Tea Party movement in its infancy…that, or they actively dumped on it. Now, the movement’s still around and is still growing, so they’re starting to get the idea that they’d better start reporting on it or be left behind.

    Of course, I was a journalist for a couple of years in the early 2000s – long enough to see the start of what’s happening now. The Internet is making the MSM less relevant and powerful on a daily basis, what with all the bloggers and everyday citizens with opinions having such great access to it. Even if you don’t have Internet access, somebody in your family, circle of friends, or workplace probably does.

    And even without the Internet, there’s the fact that so many of us are either part of the Tea Party movement or know at least one person associated with it. It’s hard to convince America at large that we Tea Partiers are a bunch of racist teabaggers when so many of us can say, “Hey, my uncle’s with the Tea Party and isn’t like that at all. Heck, he throat punches racists.”