Pelosi: Unemployment checks are the fastest way to stimulate economy, create jobs

Can’t make this up:

Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

Talking to reporters, the House speaker was defending a jobless benefits extension against those who say it gives recipients little incentive to work. By her reasoning, those checks are helping give somebody a job.

“It injects demand into the economy,” Pelosi said, arguing that when families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning. “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

Pelosi said the aid has the “double benefit” of helping those who lost their jobs and acting as a “job creator” on the side.

Here’s the video:

And do you know what else? Our Senate Majority Leader believes that paying income taxes in the US is “voluntary.”

Doug Powers has news to top all of this off:

Meanwhile, in Racine, Wisconsin, President Obama reminded everybody that they should be happy that the unemployment rate isn’t even higher (Why? According to Stretchy McHugegavel we need the unemployment rate to go up in order to create those extra jobs).

This is like listening to the world’s worst football coach motivating a team that’s down by 30 points at halftime by reminding them that they’d be down by 50 if it weren’t for his superior team-prep, organizational and executive skills:


I feel so much more secure about my future knowing these geniuses are in charge, don’t you? 8-|

23 thoughts on “Pelosi: Unemployment checks are the fastest way to stimulate economy, create jobs

  1. Is it any wonder other countries are ignoring the advice of the greatest country ever, when we have the Troika Of Stupidity in Reid, Pelosi, and Obama?

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  3. Oh, I’m sure that we just fail to understand things like how unemployment creates jobs because we weren’t edyoumuhkayted at Ivy-league universities. Obviously, that’s the problem here, not the morons in charge.


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  5. OMG….and the MSM is sure to miss all these wonderful quotes!

    It would be funny if it wasn’t such a harbinger of doom….for those of us who still have jobs.

    Or, is this just the government’s way of saying, “The check’s in the mail” for the rest of the economy????? Of course it’s rubber and will bounce all the way to the moon!

  6. I’m sure Nazi Pelousy is probably correct. Do you realize how many state department of employment jobs have been saved or created with all the unemployment money going out? It’s staggering, that’s what it is. And we get to pay for it all out of the goodness and charity of our hearts.

    And Dingy’s correct, too. But only if you realize the alternative to paying taxes (unless you happen to be in line for a cabinet post or czar job in this administration) is a hefty fine and/or jail time, most likely both if you continue to refuse paying up once you’re caught. As a side question, does anyone know if he paid his fair share of taxes on the money he made from all his shady land deals?

    And for once, I agree with Duh-1. We should be happy unemployment hasn’t yet reached 20%. Problem is, he sees this as an accomplishment, and I see it as a temporary respite while unemployment gathers steam to head through the roof, all because of his and Congress’ unintelligible economic policies.

    Genius, I tell you. Absolute genius. How else is he going to get people to pine for the “good old days” of only 10% unemployment?

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  8. if this was true why not just give everyone billions of dollars each? duhhh, what an idiot. DURRR

  9. Between the drinking and botox binges, has rendered Nancy’s cognitive abilities ,to non-existent.Moreover,if the Republicans can not use this poster child of Keynesian scum to secure the elections of 2010,this Nation is doomed.

  10. What Nancy was saying (to paraphrase) “Paying people to sit on their butts and be kept up by actual taxpaying workers is what has built our party and kept us in power for decades. Passing out welfare checks, food stamps, unemployment and other entitlements is what makes the ‘poor and downtrodden’ dependent on us for their very survival and we are SAVING them from the cruel boot of THE MAN. And that is why sweeping illegal ‘immigration’ pardons are necessary so we will have yet another huge voting block to force American taxpayers to provide for as well and we will be telling them how THE MAN is seeking to leave them out in the cold and send their butts back to the poverty infested hell from which they sprung.”

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  12. Nancy, would you stop playing house with the little children of San Francisco? It’s time for you to come home.

  13. So, according to Ms Pelosi, if more folks would quit their jobs and go on unemployment, the economy would really take off because of increased spending. One minor inconvenient truth that Ms Pelosi ignores (or isn’t smart enough to figure out): With less workers paying taxes, where does the money come from to pay the entitlements?

  14. It really rankles me that my tax dollars pay for her insurance to get her botox treatments and electric shock therapy.

    I assume she gets electric shock treatments – nobody can be that stupid on their own without help from some brain-destructive outside source.

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  16. I wonder how natural her gas is, David?

    Hopefully (probably wishful thinking on my part) she will enter the ranks of the unemployed next year. That’s sure to help the economy by keeping her away from D.C.!

    Now, if we could only figure a way to talk the rest of the jackasses (Democrat AND Republican) into helping the economy grow that way, too, especially the Ditherer-in-Chief.

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