Charlotte NAACP prez: Charlotte a “racist bastion” for holding classes on MLK Day

Posted by: ST on January 17, 2011 at 5:41 pm

In local race-hustling news:

Local NAACP President Kojo Nantambu led around 100 people on a march through uptown this morning, protesting the decision to keep schools open on the Martin Luther King holiday.

And Namtambu, pledging to “expose Charlotte for the racist bastion it is,” announced a petition drive to keep the CIAA, NCAA, PGA “and any other ‘A'” from coming to Charlotte.

Protesters were angry over the decision by Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools to use Monday as a make-up day for time missed last week because of snow.

“This is a national holiday,” Nantambu said outside the government center. “They never would use the 4th of July or Easter or Christmas as an alternative (school) day.”

Right. Because we know that the (typically liberal) school board deliberately approved for MLK Day to be used as a possible make up day because they were so eager to upset black “leaders” in the Charlotte community. 8-|

Nantambu – unsurprisingly – doesn’t have his facts in order. CMS used Memorial Day as a make-up day in 2009. Also important to note: Our black Democrat Mayor, Anthony Foxx, supported using today as a school make up day. RACIST!

Continuing on with the self-righteous stupidity:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte NAACP held a protest at the Government Center after Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools decided to use Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a makeup day for last week’s snow storm.

Close to 100 people took part in the protest which started at the government center in uptown before moving to the Levine Museum of the New South, where they are holding a program honoring King Jr.

The group left shouting a familiar phrase, “No justice, no peace.”

The NAACP Charlotte chapter president, Kojo Nantambu said the protest march serves as a learning experience for the children.

“They get the experience of what the civil rights movement was all about, what community organization is about and what unity and solidarity is all about. They can’t get that sitting in the classroom,” Nantambu said.

The school district was forced to close three days last week due to the winter weather, and now parents are upset that MLK Day was chosen.

“We do not want to use Martin Luther King’s birthday anytime as an alternative. That’s the only celebration we have,” Nantambu said.

Nantambu said it’s an example of Charlotte being a “racist bastion”.

He encouraged the crowd to call groups like the CIAA, NCAA and PGA and urge them not to host events in the city.

“We’re going to find out about everything that’s coming here,” Nantambu said, “and let them know that Charlotte is racially-divided, that they’re discriminatory, they’re bigots and that they do not care about all of their citizens. “They do not deserve to have anything here.”

Wow, isn’t that a surprise? A local race-hustler threatening city business — all because the school board chose today as a make-up day for school students … in addition to several other days they’d normally have off. Can you believe this garbage? Not to be outdone, national race-hustler extraordinaire Rev. Jesse Jackson also weighed in on the “controversy”:

Civil rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Sunday that the move by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to use the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday as a makeup snow day is “clearly insulting and hits a very raw nerve.”

What’s insulting is getting corruptocrat clowns like Jackson involved in what should be a local matter.

As to the students who joined the protests today, WCNC has more:

Students who stayed home from school said they wanted to be part of something that Dr. King stood for.

When asked why Mnday’s protest was important, student Colby Johnson said, “because I think it is how to live the dream instead of reading about it.”

Riiiight. Because deceased Dr. King, who put his life on the line every time he marched for major issues like civil rights and equality – including equal opportunities in education – for black people, would certainly approve of school children skipping school with their parents’ permission in order to protest the Very Serious Issue of them actually having to sit in the classroom and learn on a day designated as his holiday. Here’s what King had to say about education in 1947:

The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society. The most dangerous criminal may be the man gifted with reason, but with no morals.


We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate. The broad education will, therefore, transmit to one not only the accumulated knowledge of the race but also the accumulated experience of social living.

Would Dr. King find the bickering and divisiveness and pettiness over whether or not it’s justified for students to have to make up a snow day on his holiday a “worthy objective upon which to concentrate”? I seriously doubt it.

Last but not least, here’s a photo – taken by the Charlotte Observer’s Davie Hinshaw – that says much about today’s protests, at least in my view:

Charlotte NAACP protest

Protesters gather outside the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center Monday morning to participate in a NAACP led demonstration protesting the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board decision to use the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday as a snow make-up day for schools. Davie Hinshaw -

In case you can’t see it, the word “backward” is spelled incorrectly. It’s spelled “backword.” Yes, let’s allow black students to miss a day of education on MLK Day so they can “march” alongside adults in the crowd who … can’t spell.

Can’t make it up.

FWIW, here’s a bit of backstory on why the local NAACP is so bitterly hateful towards the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School board. It didn’t just start with MLK Day.

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12 Responses to “Charlotte NAACP prez: Charlotte a “racist bastion” for holding classes on MLK Day”


  1. Phineas says:

    The cluelessness of the race-grievance industry is a wonder, isn’t it? Both the radicals, who know what they’re doing, and the honest folks whose ignorance the radicals exploit.

    Out here in La-La-Land California, you might recall Latino kids being taken out of school to go protest Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law. Some of them invoked Cesar Chavez and fighting for their rights, &c. What an irony, considering one of Chavez’s great goals was to get access to education for the poor kids of farm workers. And here are their teachers, encouraging them to throw it away.

  2. Some people, including most liberals, far left progressives,communists, and the Democratic Party, need racism to give them a cause, so they work to perpetuate it.

  3. Wrella says:

    “We do not want to use Martin Luther King’s birthday anytime as an alternative. That’s the only celebration we have,” Nantambu said.

    Are we to believe African-Americans celebrate only one holiday per yer – MLK Day? I do believe this reaction by today’s ‘civil rights leaders’ would hurt Dr. King’s heart.

  4. TexasDoc says:

    I suppose I am a racist because I had a full list of patient appointments today. Most of them were off due to the holiday and had no other time they could see me.


  5. FrankNitti says:

    Hey Doc, i put my 8 in as well…

    “They never would use the 4th of July or Easter or Christmas as an alternative (school) day.”

    didn’t go to school on Easter(it’s a Sunday, duh) but I had a makeup snow day on Good Friday.

  6. MissJean says:

    I had to laugh. My school district was in session for MLK Day because this is midterms week. One of my students started agitating today about “Why don’t we get today off?” and his classmates told him to shut up because they’re freaking about exams. :) After the 2-week Christmas break, they feel like they’ve forgotten so much!

    I find that having MLK day off is a waste. My alma mater used to have all sorts of MLK Day events that were well-attended because students would go between classes and sometimes our profs would dismiss a few minutes early so we could attend. However, the usual suspects agitated until they got it as aday off. And guess what? The number of students on campus for events dropped because it was easier to sleep in than brave a cold (or slushy) winter day in Ann Arbor.

  7. Steve Skubinna says:

    Yeah, Dr, King would be soooooo pissed off that Black children were being forced to stay in school.

    I guess it’s okay for those white kids – heck, kids of any other flavor – that have to go to school, though. Education being a racist construct of the patriarchy, and all.

  8. Neo says:

    Some people have been asking the question … what would MLK be doing today ?

    I think a hint is found in the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” MLK says …

    The other force is one of bitterness and hatred, and it comes perilously close to advocating violence. It is expressed in the various black nationalist groups that are springing up across the nation, the largest and best known being Elijah Muhammad’s Muslim movement. Nourished by the Negro’s frustration over the continued existence of racial discrimination, this movement is made up of people who have lost faith in America, who have absolutely repudiated Christianity, and who have concluded that the white man is an incorrigible “devil.”

  9. thomas mc donnell says:

    i think a lot of people think the NAACP is a bastion of racism.

  10. mwl says:

    Martin Luther King’s birthday…[is] the only celebration we have.

    So Nantambu doesn’t believe that Independence Day is a celebration? Nor any other patriotic holiday? I think this quote says all that we need to know about him.

  11. Zippy says:

    Humbug! Any chance to jump on that old racism bandwagon. Tired of it.. TIRED TIRED TIRED.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Only one holiday, really? What about the whole freaking month of February??? I wonder what would happen if we tried to have white history month? Come on now!!!!