SHOCKING: Occupy Baltimore has own court system set up for rape allegations

I kid you not. Why? Because, in a nutshell, they don’t want police on Occupy grounds. Big Government’s Derek Hunter reports (via @snarkandboobs):

I was in downtown Baltimore Monday morning taking care of some business, so I thought I’d stroll a block over and check out the “Occupy Baltimore” crowd. Well, the word “crowd” might be an overstatement. There were about as many people as there would be homeless people on a normal day, only with tents and literature rather than Starbucks cups for holding spare change. And it’s the literature I found most interesting.

Among the literature I picked up off of their table was one titled “Security Statement.” What it said, and what it implied, was rather disturbing:

Here’s a revealing snippet:

[Security Statement] Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement.

[Derek Hunter] So if someone were sexually assaulted, a horrible experience, they wouldn’t be discouraged to contact the police, the “occupy community” would rather handle it internally. That’s just perverse.

The “Reporting Procedure”:

[Security Statement] Any member of the Occupy Baltimore community who believes he/she/they have been a victim of, are aware of, or suspect a commission of sexual abuse, are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee. T (sic)

The point person for dealing with these situations will be Koala! (sic) Largess, (443) 642-XXXX.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse will be given the support, resources, and assistance needed for their emotional and physical health.

Read the whole thing for his dissection of the “Security Statement.” Seriously. I’ve seen a lot of creepy, off the wall things going on in the “Occupy” movement, but this is by far the creepiest.

A rape was recently reported at Occupy Cleveland (hat tip: @diggrbii):

CLEVELAND – A Occupy Cleveland protestor camping out over the weekend told Cleveland police that she was raped.

The 19-year-old woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by a stranger on Saturday.

The police report said the woman was asked by Occupy Cleveland personnel to share a tent with a man she did not know because of a shortage of tents.

“We do not tent people by direction. Everyone chooses who to tent with. We provide the tents donated by the community,” Occupy Cleveland organizer Erin McCardle said.

The victim is a student at Summit Academy in Parma, a school, the police report said, that is for children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism.

She went to a teacher at the school and told the teacher about the attack. The teacher contacted police.

That’s the right way to file a report. Not go through some bogus Occupy “Security Committee.” Sheesh.

Oh, on a much, much lighter note, Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey has a must-read today on how Occupy Wall Street types have now all of a sudden become big fans of private property – thanks to getting ripped off like crazy on “camp” grounds. Right Sphere’s Diggrbiii adds to the hilarity of it all with a related post titled, “Hey, Man. I’m Fighting For The Oppressed. With My $5,500 Laptop.”

Cannot make it up, folks. Cannot. ;)

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