Disturbing: Profiles in “Occupy” violence (language warning) #OWS

Posted by: ST on October 28, 2011 at 5:41 pm

A few links:

—- Occupy San Diego’s Own Lefty Media to Police: You’re a F***ing Joke!

Dan Gainor writes of this:

Occupiers claim they are ‘press,’ and bully, threaten and intimidate police.


Here are a few highlights of the liberal press’s love for police:

Cries of ”police state” and ”shame, shame, shame” when the police won’t do what the two protesters want;

Harassing one officer about his daughter who is allegedly taught by the daughter of a protester, asking, ”Do you care about your daughter” and screaming, ”you look like you are about to cry.” When the officer arrested a protester who asked to be arrested, the duo threaten to show that video to the officer’s daughter.

The woman threatens the officers by shouting, ”You will be exposed,” another implied threat going back to the docs-ing attack.

Another nearby protester’s comment about one police officer: ”F*ck him!”

Such New Toney-goodness, eh?

—– Ed Morrissey files this extremely disturbing report about a flier given out at Occupy Phoenix, which the Arizona Dept. of Safety is aware of:

Flier at Occupy Phoenix asks, “When should you shoot a cop?”

Here’s a link to the flier.

—– Last but not least, Ed Driscoll points to an interview with an Occupy Oakland protester that did not go the way MSDNC’s pro-Occupy host Lawrence O’Donnell wanted it to when the protester admitted that it was protesters, not the Oakland PD, who hit the cops first when riots broke out a few days ago. Must-see video included.

—– Oh, here’s a bonus for you: @Occupy_Police mentioned on their Twitter page this morning that their site had been hacked by a “rogue hacker.” I found it amusing that they’d call the hacker a “rogue” since the Occupy movement and Anon globalist hackers have allied themselves together in their fight against “THE MAN” and accordingly believe it’s ok to hack into police websites, etc, in response to any perceived wrong. I inquired to @OccupyPolice this afternoon:

Presumably since y’all are allied w Anons, you’re ok w/ being hacked yourselves by outsiders? #TasteOfYourOwnMedicine

I mean, after all – if’s ok for Anons to hack sites in response to alleged wrongs using their sick form of “vigilante justice”, it’s ok for outsiders to hack into Anon-affiliated websites, right? ;)

With all that being said, I’m sure the Vigilant-Against-Radical-Protesters-National-MSM will be all over these stories of Occupiers advocating intimidation and violence, including this one of a Fox 5 NY reporter being threatened with a knife attack by an OWS supporter (video included), in 3, 2 …

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Update – 6:49 PM: Oh my – #OccupyMiami Hangs Banker in Effigy

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12 Responses to “Disturbing: Profiles in “Occupy” violence (language warning) #OWS”


  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Remind me again how the Tea Party represents a dire threat to the Republic. That is what the state-approved media claims, and we know they never lie… 8-|

  2. PE says:

    Idiotic incivility. The curse of the marxist class.

  3. John says:

    I don’t have a hard spot with ridiculing the police. They have gone from being a necessary evil to just plain evil over the course of my lifetime. It seems hypocritical to me for you to criticize the liberals while embracing their chosen tools for our oppression.

  4. ST says:

    What on EARTH? Where did I say anything about advocating violence by a police officer??

  5. Carlos says:

    Let’s see the score now. Rapes up. Murders up. Thefts up. Muggings up.

    Yep, seems like a home run for the OWSers, all right.

    Tell Slo Joe not to worry about the murders and rapes – his buds at the rallies are taking care of them!

    And John, next time you get mugged, call a thug. Like Barry (at whom the sight of which will leave any mugger shaking in his Nikes.) Or Eric (another scary visage to any gang-banger!)

  6. H Hazell says:

    I’m a little frustrated with these folk occupying various urban areas. I’ve been corresponding with several of them in an attempt to help them. They’ve all turned down my offers to provide, at my expense, all the used food I can get my hands on.

  7. John says:

    Carlos, I work with ex-cons all day, and am no stranger to the street. I am more afraid of the police and their abuses than the thugs.

    ST, I said oppression, not violence. If you believe the police have your best interests at heart then I hope you never find out the truth.

  8. John says:

    I think, perhaps, you are confusing me with some sort of liberal. I am, in fact, a constitutional constructionist. I fear thepolice from long experience, and because they are the shock troops of an increasingly abusive government. Our criminal justice system is a joke. We have more people locked up than the PRC, and every politician scores points by being tough on crime, whether or not their machinations make us any safer. If you consider yourself truly conservative then things like the Patriot Act and DHS should bother you. As a veteran of many conflicts, I am aghast at the fact that the liberties I defended have been subborned by the fearful, the cowardly and the weak here at home. I back the OWS because it causes trouble for the government. I think they are idiots, but useful idiots, much like Anonymous. We are not likely to see the Republic restored by being purists as far as our allies are concerned. In fact, if we remain purists in our methods, we will remain divided, which suits the government just fine. Both major parties are pro-Big Government. One is just slower to go about it than the other.

  9. Carlos says:

    John, just as a note of interest, I worked for a time with prisoners, too, and of the 1500 or so I was involved with approximately 1500 were innocent of all charges and shouldn’t have been there. And they would be the first to tell you that, asked or not.

    The really scary part of that is that some were truly evil. Most were run-of-the-mill simpletons that had a yearning for the good life and saw their neighbors as an easy target to get it.

    Kinda like the OWSers.

  10. John says:

    Carlos, you miss my point. Innocent or guilty, they are less of a threat than the State.

  11. Carlos says:

    No, John, I didn’t miss your point. I just happen to think a sociopath is more of a threat to me personally than the cop riding a bike down the street, or hitting me with a radar gun.

    Do the cops make mistakes? Of course they do, and they should be both punished for those mistakes and the victims compensated fairly for them.

    But I’d still rather call a cop than a neighbor when someone’s breaking into my house, primarily because I wouldn’t want my friend or neighbor to be put in danger.

  12. John says:

    Well, Carlos, I simply disagree. The cops are rarely punished, and calling their tactics a mistake is misleading. I have never had one help me with anything, but I have had them lie to me on any number of occasions. I am friends with a couple that I would call at need, but if they were otherwise occupied then I wouldn’t trouble myself with any of their fellows.