To the #WarOnWomen “feminists” who are launching a “sex strike”

Posted by: ST on March 13, 2012 at 4:48 pm

The Huffington Post reports on the latest tactic those in the “War On Women” movement are using to try to “get their message out”:

A group that supports health care coverage of contraception is calling for women to withhold sex from their partners between April 28 and May 5.

“This will help people understand that contraception is for women and men, because men enjoy the benefit of women making their own choices about when and if they want to get pregnant,” Liberal Ladies who Lunch says on its website. “Once congress and insurance agencies agree to cover contraception, we will then resume having sex. Until then men will have to be content with their left hand.”

On its Facebook page, the group charts a brief history of similar “strikes,” starting with Aristophanes’ ancient Greek play “Lysistrata,” where women refuse to have sex until the end of the Peloponnesian War.

The proposal has attracted some negative Facebook reactions, according to The Daily Caller, which reports that an opponent of contraception coverage commented on the “irony of…ceasing sex in order to get free contraception.”

Hmm. I’ve got a much better idea:

How about the more militant “sex striker” gals on the left extend the time frame beyond May 5th to, oh, I dunno – indefinitely, no matter whether or not they “win” the manufactured war they started?  As we all know, abstinence is the most sure fire way of preventing pregnancy, and if these gals don’t reproduce, that means a better likelihood of less liberals inhabiting America some 18-20 years from now.  By the same token, conservative wives – get busy during this time frame! Because, well, I’m sure you get the point …*

*To those of you in “mixed marriages” (conservative spouse & liberal spouse) – you’re on your own. ;)

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10 Responses to “To the #WarOnWomen “feminists” who are launching a “sex strike””


  1. Drew says:

    Are there any publicly exchange traded companies who’s primary business is prostitution? I’d like to make a quick buck……:d

  2. I’m not too worried about liberal women getting pregnant — they know where to get contraception. Liberals import future liberals from south of the border, though.

  3. 2nd Amendment Mother says:

    In other news:

    “March Madness sees biggest audience in years.”

    “Golf Course and Bowling Alleys report record spring revenues”

    “Retirement savings among men make significant jumps”

    “Marriage rates are increasing among young couples”

    I’m just saying…. I like unicorns too!

  4. Ryan says:

    *insert joke about the women leading this strike that would probably lead to a twitter attack and #waronwomen comments towards me here*

  5. Nanc says:

    BWAHAHA! Lysistrata all over again!

  6. Drew the Infidel says:

    A husband is like a fire in a fireplace; if left unattended they go out.

  7. Dana says:

    I’m one of those conservatives in a “mixed marriage” — for 32 years, nine months and 27 days — but contraception isn’t a worry for us.

    Prescriptions for birth control pills cost a whopping $9 at Target, and maybe $15 elsewhere. I pay that much a month for toothpaste! Our friends on the left claim that this is a woman’s health issue, but brushing your teeth is a health issue for everyone; if you don’t brush your teeth, they’ll decay and you’ll have serious problems. Women require one visit to the doctor a year to keep up their prescriptions for BC pills, but you are supposed to see the dentist twice a year, and, for a married couple, that’s four dental visits a year.

    It’s simple: it costs more to take care of your teeth than it does to prevent pregnancy! Why shouldn’t my insurance cover the cost of toothpaste?

  8. Jenny says:

    Yep! “Mixed marriage” here, but let me tell you, my kids GET the difference in a very real way because they see it played out in real time. There are “teachable moments” every day. And I use my time with them wisely. The conservative (and in my case, the Christian) worldview just makes so much sense to them. When what I’m trying to teach is highlighted against nonsense, it makes my job a snap! ;-)

  9. Trish says:

    I want to know why these women are being so militant about their own contraceptive coverage, but not one single person has suggested that men also deserve free contraceptives under this massive healthcare bill that will already cripple our health care industry. It takes two to tango and one sex ought not have privileges over the other, if their liberal thinking were to follow through. So, imagine, we can cover all sexual activities for people unwilling to take responsibility in their lives and their sexual escapades.
    I find the mindset of these folks who think that they are somehow owed free contraceptives, to be very troubling. I find that there are more and more entitlement loving Americans, and it makes me wonder if we will still be a free people when my grandchildren are in their adulthood.

  10. Kate says:

    LOL…sex strike? If your significant other/husband is not part of the contraceptive methods you use he will simply get a condom. Why not ask the guy to cough up the money or simply go 50/50. If you are so liberated wouldn’t that make sense?

    And as was stated above, dental care trumps the cost of going to a gyn and the cost of the pills.

    As a side note, You can even get pills that get rid of the menstrual cycle altogther and save you those montly bills for feminine care products!! This further brings down the cost!