#Trayvon: @CNN cleans up “racist” Zimmerman 911 audio – they say he says “It’s f–king cold”!

Posted by: ST on April 5, 2012 at 12:44 am

This is absolutely HUGE! The national mainstream media, race pimps and liberal commentators galore have been declaring for weeks that George Zimmerman is guilty of a “vicious hate crime” because he allegedly said “f–king coons” on his 911 call before he “murdered” (their words) Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th. CNN has cleaned up the audio clip and if you listen to it it sounds very clear that he says “It’s f–king” cold. Listen and watch (via @informedblackmn):

People may be wondering why Zimmerman would say it was “cold” in south Florida. It was rainy and in the low 60s that night, and that IS cold for south Florida.  Of course, no way to tell with 100% certainty, but it sounds conclusive to me.

MediaThis is the latest in a stream of old media/race hustler narrative-busting about George Zimmerman – and most of it has been done by New Media. There was the debunking on the issue of whether or not Zimmerman brought up race first on the 911 call. There has been debate over the misleading images of both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin that the mainstream media has used – it has been addressed. The so-called “smoking gun” video showing “no sign of injury” on George Zimmerman after his arrest has been debunked – first by Daily Caller, and then not long after by the network that irresponsibly ran the compressed video in the first place: ABC, under the clearly biased reporting of jouralist Matt Gutman. This audio analysis comes on the heels of conservative (?) blogger J. Neil Schulman doing his own audio analysis days before CNN did theirs, in which he found that Zimmerman said, “It’s f–king cold.”

This last week, as crazy as it has been, has been a victory for New Media people who have worked their a**es off on this story in hopes of getting the Old Media to correct all its errors, misreporting, deliberate misrepresentations, etc, and New Media have done it all in the name of accuracy, the public interest and for – most importantly: DUE PROCESS.


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19 Responses to “#Trayvon: @CNN cleans up “racist” Zimmerman 911 audio – they say he says “It’s f–king cold”!”


  1. jellobiafra says:

    The 911 operator asked Zimmerman directly for the race of the person he was reporting. He didn’t volunteer anything aside from a description of what Trayvon was doing.

  2. Dace Falar says:

    Just tell the truth, mainstream media.

  3. This, including the fact that they invented a new race on the spot (white-hispanic), is all evidence of a racist, anti-white conspiracy on the part of MSM. They wanted desperately for this narrative to be that a white man gunned down an innocent black child in cold blood for no reason other than the fact that he was black. The conclusion one could come to, taking into account the statements of Obama and others in the aftermath of this tragedy, is that the president and his minions, which include MSM, are attempting to incite civil unrest. The Obama camp is desperate because they realize they have a failed president on their hands who stands a very good chance of being defeated in November. A national crisis such as racial strife could disrupt the presidential campaigns and help turn out the vote for him. It’s exactly the kind of situation in which he’s at his best: pitting one group of people against another to gain a political advantage. As extreme as this may sound, this is a president who hates white people and dreams of having the opportunity to declare marshal law on them.

  4. TobyTucker says:

    It sure sounds like he says “F’ing PUNKS” to me. Which is a much more contemporaneous expletive. I can’t believe anyone younger than 80 would use “coons” as an everyday derogatory. The MSM is really showing their true colors in their effort to paint Zimmerman as a racist “White” Hispanic.

  5. I know, it’s martial law.

  6. Drew the Infidel says:

    Does anyone remember during last year’s budget battle when John Boehner went directly to the WH to cousel with Obhammud? This enraged Pelosi (scientific name “haggus neuroticus”) who complained “he went to the dark side”. What if a Republican had made a crack like that? Another reason the dishonest media is the trailer trash of American jorunalism.

  7. sarainitaly says:

    It still sounds like punks, to me. It sounded like it the first time CNN did this, and listening to it in original form and now this version. I don’t hear anything like coons or cold.

    Funny though that they now admit it doesn’t sound like coons…

  8. I suspect Obama and crew will continuously fabricate “crises” up to election day as a way to divert attention away from this failed presidency. Obama’s media will collaborate obediently. We haven’t seen the last of the OWS circus, nor probably more race dramatics and mass protests against anything conservative. What has surprised me is how the ‘old media’ have become increasingly amateurish in it’s attempt to alter reality. What is scaring me is they may succeed in in their hoodwinked attempt to hang onto the presidency…

  9. Kate says:

    Coons? Sounds like something Archie Bunker would say….a real throwback word if I ever heard one.

    Obviously CNN is trying to adjust their tone, which means they know that they have been modulating the story in a racial fashion and not dealing with the evidence until pushed by the general public and outlets like New Media. Good work on the part of independent new sources and true investigative reporting.

    We need to continue challenging the MSM on all stories to counteract the obvious bias that exists and their tendency to editorialize instead of presenting facts and allowing the public to draw their own conclusions.

  10. Tex says:

    How the MSM has deliberately manipulated the “evidence” to support their “racial warfare” narrative is criminal. They should be prosecuted for deliberately attempting to incite violence, which in my opinion is EXACTLY what they were attempting to do. These were not “mistakes”. They were deliberate.

    And that limp apology from NBC for their deliberate editing of the 911 call to delete the portion where the 911 operator asks Zimmerman for the race of the suspect is a prime example. NBC said it was basically an “honest” journalistic mistake. B**L S**T! All at NBC involved in that incident should be prosecuted for incitement.

    This whole episode is just prime example of how low Obama and his Socialists/Communists/Liberals have dragged this country. Pathetic!

  11. Kate says:

    A law suit should be filed by the Zimmerman family and the couple who had their address tweeted and had to hide for their own safety on any and all news oulets that displayed the obviously racial and threatening tactics which can and do impinge on due process of the law and individuals being innocent until proven guilty. This is why there have been no charges filed in the most part. If he was arrested based on the emotion outpouring he would not be able to get a fair trial…in fact, if he is arrested, that would be my defense and the fact that he’s not guilty of the worst charges. Do the idiots who really are race baiters understand that principle?

  12. thegemini says:

    This new test “result” hovers between the embarrassing and the insane. It is without question that the second word ends in a sibilant, an “s,” and, as if to call 60 degrees “cold” weren’t fatuous enough, it’s hardly credible Zimmerman was saying “f–king colds,” as if he were cursing the cold virus!

  13. jharp says:

    “liberal commentators galore have been declaring for weeks that George Zimmerman is guilty of a “vicious hate crime””

    Name one person who has claimed Zimmerman is guilty. He hasn’t even been charged you idiot.

    God you people are stupid.

  14. Jerri says:

    Just a thought. Maybe CNN should’ve took the time to investigate in the first place, instead of leaving it to conservative bloggers to throw the BS card, which ALWAYS trumps the race card. I’ll never watch CNN again, for any reason. They’re irresponsible ratings mongers and race baiters. My prayers are with the Zimmerman family who have been victimized by the irresponsibility of the ‘press’ and with the Martin family who have been taken advantage of by a bunch of militant racists…and I’m including their attorneys in that group as well.

  15. Great White Rat says:

    jharp wakes up and sniffles:

    Name one person who has claimed Zimmerman is guilty.

    Right, because calling someone a “murderer” implies that he might not be guilty. You don’t seem to appreciate the irony of someone who’s incapable of doing a web search for “Zimmerman” and “murderer” calling other people stupid.

    On the other hand, those of us who want to wait for all the FACTS – you know, those things that actually happened, as opposed to the theories that fit the race-baiters’ narrative – have been vilified as racists for even suggesting that the case not prejudged.

    But then again, for you on the left, this isn’t about justice, is it? It’s about ginning up racial animosities as a way of firing up the leftist base (which always responds best when motivated by pure hatred) for the upcoming election and distracting voters from the serious economic issues facing the country.

  16. BLACKnTEXAS says:

    The facts in the case are not the problem, it’s everyone interjecting their fictional account of what occurred to further their own agenda that’s causing the outcry. This is not about Trayvon, it’s about the continued erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights and mobilizing the Black vote for the upcoming POTUS election.