#Trayvon: @CNN cleans up “racist” Zimmerman 911 audio – they say he says “It’s f–king cold”!

This is absolutely HUGE! The national mainstream media, race pimps and liberal commentators galore have been declaring for weeks that George Zimmerman is guilty of a “vicious hate crime” because he allegedly said “f–king coons” on his 911 call before he “murdered” (their words) Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th. CNN has cleaned up the audio clip and if you listen to it it sounds very clear that he says “It’s f–king” cold. Listen and watch (via @informedblackmn):

People may be wondering why Zimmerman would say it was “cold” in south Florida. It was rainy and in the low 60s that night, and that IS cold for south Florida.  Of course, no way to tell with 100% certainty, but it sounds conclusive to me.

MediaThis is the latest in a stream of old media/race hustler narrative-busting about George Zimmerman – and most of it has been done by New Media. There was the debunking on the issue of whether or not Zimmerman brought up race first on the 911 call. There has been debate over the misleading images of both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin that the mainstream media has used – it has been addressed. The so-called “smoking gun” video showing “no sign of injury” on George Zimmerman after his arrest has been debunked – first by Daily Caller, and then not long after by the network that irresponsibly ran the compressed video in the first place: ABC, under the clearly biased reporting of jouralist Matt Gutman. This audio analysis comes on the heels of conservative (?) blogger J. Neil Schulman doing his own audio analysis days before CNN did theirs, in which he found that Zimmerman said, “It’s f–king cold.”

This last week, as crazy as it has been, has been a victory for New Media people who have worked their a**es off on this story in hopes of getting the Old Media to correct all its errors, misreporting, deliberate misrepresentations, etc, and New Media have done it all in the name of accuracy, the public interest and for – most importantly: DUE PROCESS.


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