Senior admin official tells WSJ “it doesn’t really matter” to WH when #HarryReidsShutdown ends

Posted by: ST on October 4, 2013 at 9:32 pm
Government shutdown

To be continued …?

As Phineas indicated earlier, the GOP campaign commercials against Democrats are practically writing themselves at this point. Via WSJ (hat tip):

President Barack Obama is sticking to his stance that he won’t negotiate with Republicans over the government shutdown or the higher-stakes fight over the federal debt ceiling.

The question, for Republicans and White House allies alike: How long will that resolve last?

Mr. Obama spoke Thursday at a construction company just outside Washington and held fast to his view that Republicans must not attach conditions to bills that underpin the functioning of government.

“There is one way out,” he said: Republicans must relent and reopen the government.

White House officials believe they have the upper hand, citing evidence that some Republicans are buckling under public pressure. Mr. Obama invited the four congressional leaders to the Oval Office Wednesday, and despite the show of engagement made no concessions, according to people familiar with the meeting.

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) left the White House and said Mr. Obama “reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate.”

Terry Holt, a longtime Republican strategist, said Mr. Obama’s strategy rests on a cold-eyed calculation that Republicans are the ones with the most to lose. “As long as the president thinks his poll numbers are going to be good, I don’t expect the government to reopen,” he said.

Said a senior administration official: “We are winning…It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.”

And what is that “end result”? Ultimately one-upping the GOP in the political battle, which is what this is all about to the pathetic, desperate left.  It’s the GOP who has taken more political risk here by drawing a principled line in the sand because they knew the media and liberals – working in concert, as usual – would blame them, and that most people, especially low information voters, would likely buy into it. But this week hasn’t exactly proved to be a winning one for those same Democrats when you consider the WWII Memorial visit fiasco, the threats to arrest military priests as well as our Greatest Generation,  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s heartless comments about funding clinical trial for kids with cancer, etc.  The White House and House and Senate Democrats are failing badly at the messaging war, and Boehner’s strategy of trying to pass mini-funding bills aimed squarely at groups the mainstream media would normally badger them as being “heartless” over, coupled with Harry Reid’s refusal to even entertain the idea of passing such bills, has turned the media narrative against the left for the time being. It is a sight to see – almost a Kodak moment.

This week, in summary has been a big disaster for the Pelosi/Reid/Obama Democrats, and this quote from an unnamed Park Service ranger encompasses everyone’s frustration:

The Park Service appears to be closing streets on mere whim and caprice. The rangers even closed the parking lot at Mount Vernon, where the plantation home of George Washington is a favorite tourist destination. That was after they barred the new World War II Memorial on the Mall to veterans of World War II. But the government does not own Mount Vernon; it is privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. The ladies bought it years ago to preserve it as a national memorial. The feds closed access to the parking lots this week, even though the lots are jointly owned with the Mount Vernon ladies. The rangers are from the government, and they’re only here to help.

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Indeed. And if it continues to go on, with Reid and Obama refusing to negotiate at the table with the GOP – which continues to strategically drum out mini-funding bills, the likelihood of more blame being shifted to Democrats on the shutdown will increase.

Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to “Senior admin official tells WSJ “it doesn’t really matter” to WH when #HarryReidsShutdown ends”


  1. When this runs up against the debt limit on the 17th the whole complexion of things will change. The commiecrats are whistling past the graveyard as they misread the will of the citizenry and the resolve of the Republicans.

    This is where Reid, Obhammud, and Pelosi are confused. They simply cannot understand the GOP members having the courage of their convictions because they, the commiecrats, possess neither.

  2. Radical Redneck says:


    Look what this sewer of a regime has to do to get ANYONE to sign up and bite into their shit sandwich.

    Absolutely surreal – this regime has to look UP at carnivals and titty bars for lessons in comportment and seemliness.


  3. BBHunter says:

    – The optics must be really working well for the CommieCrats. How else to explain the Southbound Gallup poll of 41% for Bumbleheads job approval.

    – ….and he has three years left to get through. Something tells me the Left better go to plan ‘B’ if they have one. Fantasizing in the crystal star chamber doesn’t seem to be working.

  4. Carlos says:

    “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

    And here all this time I’ve thought that’s what the function of government has turned into! Compliments of both the Republican leadership AND the Democraps.

  5. Tango says:

    ….I look for the SCM to turn up the heat as we get to the “running out of money” phase. Right now they’re just airing an endless stream of “reports” of whine-y individuals who have been “inconvenienced” by the gummint shutdown. And editorials seen to be an abundance of commentary suggesting that grandma might not get her social security, or that food stamps might be delayed, etc. As it becomes clearer to Barry and his entourage this is not having the desired effects, he/they will throw temper tantrums and attempt to make things even worse in an effort to get their way.

  6. Carlos says:

    As it becomes clearer to Barry and his entourage this is not having the desired effects, he/they will throw temper tantrums and attempt to make things even worse in an effort to get their way.

    What Obhammed and Co. don’t realize is that, with them “in control” and the spineless Repub “leadership” we have, things are really as bad as they can get without an overt coup by them.

    And the debt “ceiling?” Just a number that means nothing in reality, except to panic-mongers and bean counters. Bottom line is that it’s time to pay the piper for all the wastrel buying of votes that both parties have excelled in for decades.

    But, wait for it: the sound of Repub “leadership” molding into the putty shape their Democrap masters want them to be.