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October 13, 2013

#NCPol silly season: AP wonders if mold at #NCGov mansion bathrooms is “toxic”

Background: Over the weekend, a minor dust-up erupted when it was reported by left wing partisan media outlets that NC Governor Pat McCrory (R) was “spending $230,000 on renovation” on the 1800-s era estate, including plans to add marble counter tops. At a time when state government is scaling back spending on public assistance programs, this naturally sent the hyperventilating activist left here – desperate for the latest “heartless Pat” talking points – into a frenzy. In reality, the money had NOT been spent, and in fact the $230,000 was an ESTIMATE, not a bill. No work had been done. Left-leaning WRAL, which helped hyped up the story, provided clarification (bolded emphasis added):.....   [Read More]